Me and My House

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    Me and My House

    As for me and my house,
    We will serve the Lord
    In One Accord.

    In unity,
    We will agree
    To do what He has called us to be.

    As a family seeking his face,
    Praying together helps us weather
    The storms of every day living.

    Seeking wisdom from
    His throne above
    Brings Love.

    Jesus our Savior, the great warrior,
    Helps us through life without strife.

    By His grace,
    We find our place.

    Seeking His word,
    We cannot afford
    To do without.

    In Faith, and Not doubt,
    Forgiving while we are living;
    Giving and receiving
    The blessings of Heaven,
    The promises of our Father's doctrine.

    No day passes by but that
    The enemy has tried to divide.
    But, we know he lied
    And has no place in this home.

    For, only God, alone,
    Inhabits my House.

    For, me and my spouse and child
    Are guided by the True and Living One,
    Knowing, through Christ, the battle was won.

    For, a house divided,
    is Not guided, but blinded.

    In His light, we delight, receiving sight.

    Yielded by the blood of the lamb,
    Seeking the great "I AM",
    We have come to understand
    His mercy, His Plan.

    Our house is based on the foundation
    of ,Being Christians, we can Win;
    Turning away from sin.

    For, as it is written,
    As for me and my house,
    We will serve the Lord.

    © 2002 by Elena Ramirez