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    sinusitis... 08/04/03 04:32 PM

    I've taken just about everything for allergies, prescription meds and otc, too. Right now I'm still fighting the infection started with the tooth abcess, antibiotics, which has the Thrush starting up again, and doesn't seem to be doing all that much for the bacterial infection. I have moved my doc's apptm't up to Thursday...if i live that long (sigh)...not joke, i feel worse than i have felt in a very long time. Eight hours is more than i can stand at the window factory, and we are working 9 for the next 2 days and then who knows what.

    I take a multivitamin, plus B complex, potasium (because mine is low...from sweating so much i think) Vit. E & C and i can't remember what else. Need something for that too! Actually, not meaning to sound morbid or sorry for my self, sometimes i just wish i could, everything. I'm tired of feeling bad, tired of being depressed, tired of being all know what i'm saying. I'm 55 and thank God i'm not 25 and feel this rotten.I wish it was 75 and then i'd know for sure it just wouldn't last much longer. I have kids and grandkids, and i love them so much but there just isn't anything left of me when i get home from work...i hate that!

    Sorry, I didn't mean to go on, I just feel so gosh danged rotten and tired.

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    I have had many tooth abscesses over the years and the sinuses gets dragged into it many times..Had terrible sinus infections last year every 6 weeks and the AB did not solve the problem..I have been on OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT, for 6 months, now, and it has made all the more sinus/headaches/blockages/infections..and you can get huge change in just one to two weeks on OLE..

    Look it up in search box, or ask for articles to be bumped up.. Also, PatPalmer says that Cytolog is very effective for sinus problems..

    Good Luck,

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