ME/CFS Ad Voting in about 24 Hours!

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    If anyone here belongs to the ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance, I want
    to let you know that we will be having the final vote on the Ad to go into
    the Washington Post within a couple of weeks!

    If you're on facebook, you can go to Causes and look for the name
    above, or just follow this:

    causes dot com/causes/511536

    If you are not a member yet, please become one! We have over 1630
    members in just over 3 months (patient generated, patient-driven,

    They are having a 2-for1 fundraising drive right now, too...if you
    believe in this cause and are able to donate without hurting your
    own health and security, please do!

    Watch for alerts as to the timing of the vote; a new website is
    being finalized right now (the old, AT&T one caused problems),
    so there will be more options to vote if you are a member of
    this cause.

    This ad campaign will accompany press releases in the US, UK,
    Brussels, and hopefully Canada and Australia/NZ. There will
    be more than one ad, highlighting the quality of life issues of
    patients with M.E and/or CFS. FM is covered under the issue
    of XMRV testing, also, along with Atypical MS and Autism.

    These neuro-endocrine-immune disorders (NEIs) are part of the
    mission of PANDORA, and the Cause is part of that 501c3 organ-
    ization. There are ways to be informed of the vote thru them,
    also, and other ways to donate through them, if you are not
    on facebook.

    I hope to see more of you become a part of history! This is the
    first time this has ever been done, and as you can see by the
    enormous support by the members, it is long overdue.


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