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    ME/CFS News & Headlines
    - An MD's roadmap for managing ME/CFS
    - Why SAM-e supports mood, pain relief
    - Vit D is key to immune cell activation

    Previous Headlines
    - More research defining curcumin's benefits
    - Kindling - A unifying theory for ME/CFS?
    - XMRV infectious in primate study

    == Featured Article ==

    A Roadmap for Dealing with the Problems of ME/CFS

    The seeming triggers and co-morbidities of ME/CFS patients can differ from person to person. But until science finds a key or a "cure," experienced clinicians agree that a plan for optimum health must include some fundamental rules.

    In a summary you may want to print out for reference, fatigue expert Sarah Myhill, MD, lays out these fundamentals, plus interventions that often help specific symptoms.

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