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    This is for all those who like me, may be a little research obscessed. I noticed on the co-cure site that Dr. J. Gow has applied for a patent both for a cfs/m.e. diagnostic test, test kits as well as a variety of treatments.

    I thought this was quite exciting and I spent some time reading the patent (although didn't understand all of it).
    This is my lay - person understanding having read through the patent.

    The tests he's patenting seem to measure certain genes and the fact they are over-expressed in M.E./cfs. He indicated that the tests will be able to support a diagnosis as well as indicate which areas of the body are most affected.

    "...the inventors have identified a number of genes which are expressed at abnormal levels in ptients affected by CFS/ME as compared to normal healthy individuals. In contrast to the earlier studies described above, the present inventors have been able to use the expression patterns of these genes to establish functional models of various aspects of the PATHOLOGY of CFS/ME,....These provide a rational basis for classifying CFS/ME patients according to the biochemical lesion underlying their symptoms and enable appropriate targeted therapies to be provided for the first time."

    The patent goes on to say later that

    "....the inventors believe that CFS/ME is not a genetic disease caused by a single or multiple gene defects, Rather, they believe CFS/ME to be an acquired condition where there is a shift in the functional systems of a select number of genes regulating specific biological functions(e.g. infection and immunity, cell membrane function and cell cycle)."

    So they are also patenting treatments that involve antioxidents, minocycline and corticosteroids depending on the combination of genes being expressed.

    Anyways, thought some of you might find this interesting. Also wondering if anyone else had seen/heard about this.

  2. phoenixrising2

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    Thanks for simplifying this for us. Sure helps. It is exciting and I, too, am a little research obsessed!



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