ME/CFS Patients 'Act Up'

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    ME/CFS Patients ‘Act Up’ - Inspire Positive Media Coverage Despite XMRV Hullabaloo
    June 5, 2011

    "This issue is not going away... Heck, if we have to drag our beds to an HHS building to make a statement, it is my hope that we will do just that." – Rivka Solomon on paltry government spending for ME/CFS research

    On May 10, a group of ME/CFS patients led by Rivka Solomon staged a mini-demonstration in front of the US Department of Health & Human Services in Washington, DC. Their message: Allocate more government funding for ME/CFS research, now!

    Next, on May 25, a group of patients & advocates staged a similar protest in front of the HHS offices in San Francisco. See their statements in the video and read more here:

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