ME/CFS: Pondering impedance cardiography

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    I was thinking of getting an impedance cardiograph. With all the brain fog and confusion, it took me over a year to think this out. I'm posting my thoughts in case they help someone else.

    1. The person who performs and reviews the test must read Peckerman's research paper before doing it and follow his instructions. Otherwise, they are doing a different test using the same instrument.

    2. You doctor might say that an impedance cardiograph is not very accurate. Peckerman agrees. But the fact remains, he was 100% successful in identifying which subjects had previously been diagnosed with severe ME/CFS. So it must be doing something right. Also, he wrote that he was able to also do this using nuclear ventriculography.

    3. I ultimately decided not to get the test. My reason is I don't see what good it will bring me. There is no treatment on record for people with ME/CFS and bad results from this test. Also, the general heart health stuff (like the Sinatra protocol) is pretty much like the general stuff for CFS/ME. And I'm already doing that. But that doesn't mean you should not get it.

    Here is a page about the Peckerman research, including a link to the full paper: You will need the full paper to give to the person who is doing the test.

    Here is a page about ME/CFS and heart stuff

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