ME/CFS Researchers answering questions of patients

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    It's a Dutch initiative but all topics are subtitled. Researchers explain all different subjects related to ME CVS like bloodflow to the brain, hormones etc etc.

    I've just found this so am going through them right now but so far I already found so many good explanations to the symptoms I expierence that I had no explanation for.

    It's a youtube channel

    It is also possible to reply to these videos and is an initiative to connect patients to researchers etc.
    Questions can be posted as a reaction on YouTube, on Twitter @WvPatienten with #WvP, or send via email to vraag AT (replace the AT by @ and take out the spaces)

    Looking into this but did not want to hold back this info for you all since it may answers unanswered questions for you too and might even help in research.
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    I have asked and no one can tell me what ME!
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    ME is myalgic encephalomyelitis.

    It's what the U.S.A. calls CFS. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    I think the rest of the world calls it ME. And only the U.S.A. calls it CFS.

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    Over here both terms are used but cfs is a name that doesn't really cover it. There are also some who say both are different illnesses but usually both names are used for the same illness.

    One of the talks describes the difficulty docters have with the term ME and what alternative is found more acceptable.