ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance - Major MEDIA Campaign Update!!

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    ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance

    To create a patient-driven effective advertisement campaign on ME / CFS, and XMRV, particularly on patient quality of life. There are now over 950 members and $3,700 in donations in one month since inception. But we must have $8,500.00 for the 1/2 page AD in the Washington Post.

    The new website is coming in the next week and we will be off the Causes site on Facebook. This website will draw thousands, if not millions, of sick, advocates, journalists, and the public so that they have ALL resources at their finger tips.

    This media campaign is an ongoing initiative that is patient driven so that we sick have a voice in the process. WE will create, craft and distribute the information on CFIDS and the retrovirus family to the journalists, senior policy makers, and public. And when the public understands in very clear language just what has/is going on with a Retrovirus that was initially found in the mid 198os by Dr. DeFreitas/Cheney/Bell and then replication destroyed by the CDC and no further funding for Retroirus research by NIH, the public will scream and put pressure on the Federal government to do something. The public will find out that there are probably a number of retroviruses in the nation's blood supply/products and they have been there for more than 30 years, infecting all of us. The publi will also find out that Retrovirus research being killed off in the mid/late 1980's may well have done immense damage to finding cures for many other diseases and cancers. How many people have been sickened by diseases and cancers that may well have been dealt with had Retrovirus research continued from 1985 until now? How many people would be alive and with their loved ones if cancer had not taken them if the CDC had not deliberatly damaged Retrovirus research and the NIH killed off funding?

    The American and worldwide public will be insanely outraged when they find out the truth - and this campaign intends to spread that truth far and wide so that pressure is brought to bear on the Federal government for massive funding for research, clinical trials, medications, support services, etc.

    Until we make the big move to our brand new website, please hit "ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance" at .

    We need your ideas on logos, slogans, Website input, fundraising (!!!!), and the most crucial part of this - the AD text for the Washington post. Please join, play a role, give input/ideas, and donate so that we can get that first super critical AD in the Washington Post that will get the ball rolling and put massive pressure on the Federal government. We have waited 30 years. We can not wait another 30 years with the young ones coming in behind us.
    Please hit the site and use your brain and voice. Donations are needed to get to the $8,500 for the AD price. We are nearing the $4,000 mark in about 5 weeks, but we need to get to the full charity amount of $8,500. Please help. Actually, help to get your cure - this seems to be the only real way to get that done.

    Thank you - "ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance" Team
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    this is sooooo important and has the potential to really make a difference

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