ME: Flu seems to surpress ME fatigue / Reishi (Replies in short and simple English please)

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    Please when you want to reply on this topic do not post links and quotes or copy and paste googled texts here. Stick to the topic and write about your own experience in your own words so this thread stays readable to those with limited energy and limited knowledge of English or medical terms too.
    Thank you!

    I'm going to repost parts of my thread here that was taken over somewhere else and became unreadable to me because of it.

    March 7 2015

    I just had the flu and haven't felt better in ages then during that. The brainfog was still there but the ME fatigue had seemed to be gone.

    I was just tired from having the flu but slept well, it was restorative and I was just upbeat without much effort at all. It actually felt 'good' having the flue compared to how I normally feel with the ME.

    Does anyone else with ME recognize this?

    I hoped it would have pushed a reset button that would allow me to feel better after it all too but after a few fever free days the horrid strangling debiliating ME fatigue is back again too.

    I so much more prefer to have the flue then this... It almost feels like once the body is done attacking the flue intruder which it is supposed to do, so felt 'healthy' it is now full blown attacking the healthy parts again since it has 'nothing better' to do.

    Disappointed that it hasn't improved anything whilst feeling so much better WITH the flu and during it. But most of all I wonder what is causing this or what is the explanation behind feeling better with flu (fatigue wise) and feeling so much worse when the intruder has been taken over and dealt with again....

    I understand that recovering from the flu takes time but that's not what this question is about. The question is, why do I feel better WITH flu then without it...???

    It's just weird and makes no sense so I hope someone else can make sense of it. Or if you have ME and have the same experience that in itself is helpful to know too.
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    Mar 7, 2015
    Thank you so much, I will definitely look into this. It is a bit over my head but some things you are explaining seem to make sense with what I experienced so worthwhile looking into!

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    (I did not include the way over my head texts that people posted to keep it readable on here)

    March 9, 2015

    The things I picked up out of this so far is that I could give Reishi mushrooms a try or something that has a similar effect to raise the th2 to bring more balance? I'm not so eager on shrooms so will look into if there are other foods that have the same result and else will have to look into side effects and such first too. I don't want to take chemical meds if at all I can prevent it.

    Or I could give Chinese skullcap or Baicalin a try... will have to look into that too.

    Still reading through all the info and will edit this post later on to try and recap it in my own words to see if I understood correctly so far.

    I hope you can help me understand this all in more simple words. The flu experiences tells me that the body IS able to manage things better so I simply want to find out what I can try out to get that same effect and in what amounts and ways I should try it out. Important in this is that it is non chemical fit for a vegan diet and doesn't have additives. I'm intolerant to sugar, yeast, sweeteners, lactose etc so a pure natural plant based product would be most preferable.
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    March 10, 2015

    I found the Reishi shroom powder online in a Dutch shop so ordered that. I didn't find the Chinese skullcap or Baicalin in Dutch internet stores yet so am first gonna see what the Reishi will do for me.

    March 11, 2015

    Thanks Jim that's helpful information on the dosage. I got a 250 grams jar that should arrive today or tomorrow so that should get me a long way.
    How do you take it in, do you mix it up with anything?
    Do you take it in before after or during meals and in the morning or evening?

    What are the die-off symptoms you experience?
    And what is the improvement you experience?

    4 months is quite a short time still so that sounds very hopeful to experience benefit that soon.

    Some of the suggestions on Dutch sites are quite different.
    * 1-2 teaspoons a day on empty stomach with some water... They also recommend to combine with Vitamin C.
    * 3 g in 250 ml fluid 30 minutes before a meal
    * 1 - 2x daily 750 mg in water, juice smoothie or healthdrink.
    * Traditional practitioners recommend 0.5 to 1 g daily, 2 to 5 g daily for chronic illness, and up to 15 g extract daily for serious illness. The Chinese pharmacopoeia recommends 6 to 12 g extract daily. Doses up to 5.4 g daily (equivalent to 81 g of the fruiting body) for 12 weeks have been used in clinical trials.

    Looking forward to something happening and yes I do understand it may make me feel uncomfortable at first to. Will update here how it is going. Fingers crossed it will do something for me, so far supplements etc haven't shown any noticable result for me.

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    March 12, 2015

    The Reishi powder was delivered yesterday and looking at the overal recommendations I think I will start with 0.5 grams and will take it along with the B12 and D3 that I take twice a week that also has the vit. C in it for today and will keep at this dose for a few days to see how that goes.

    I'm facing a more difficult few days as is so if it makes it worse now will be the right time and if it will make me feel better now will be the right time too :D

    The 0,5 grams was more then I expected it to be, but I don't mind the taste at all. Expected it to be more bitter but this will easily mix with anything, now I just took it as is with a bit of water afterwards.

    And for easy measuring I mixed it in with some home made chocolate replacers. What a nice way to take a supplement :) Will have to wait till tomorrow but the ones with just walnut (and carobe, stevia and coconutoil) taste real nice at least. The square ones are the ones with 0.5 grams Reishi powder in them. Now I don't have to try and weigh the right amount each morning.

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    March 14, 2015

    Day 1: Had a warm top of skull headache most of the day and was very tired but felt better (better then before too) in the evening.

    Day 2: Again the headache (bit like a warm slightly less then half a football pressing on my skull under my skin, a bit migraine like but warm) and seems to effect bowelmovement too. And restless dreams that I also have when being very fatigued.
    Something is happening at least but will go for half a dose tomorrow or maybe spread it out over the day if a half one goes ok.

    Day 3: Woke up without headache so IS related to the Reichi. Took only half the dose (0,25 gr) this time and ate something immidiately afterwards and sat up for a while instead of laying back down since the days before I started feeling better after being up for a while. Cramp in the stomach once. So later today I will eat FIRST and then take the second half to see if that works better.
    I do feel something going on in the top of my head from above the eyebrows backwards but not as a total headache like the days before. Could be that it is cleaning up waste in the brain?
    I read something every morning to train/test how clear I am but I don't experience improvement yet in brainfog though I did experience being more clear/allert/awake towards the end of the days.
    About 1 1/2 hours after taking I start getting pain in the upper arm muscles and shoulder and neck area. And top of the hands.
    In the afternoon first ate something and took the other half and didn't experience any side effects.
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    March 15, 2015

    Thanks Jim, yes it does feel like something good is going on. I am a little more energetic and alert overal. Yes the nice thing about the 'chocolates' is that they are also easy to divide without having to weigh and that will be very helpful in slowly building up the dose. For now I'm gonna stick to 0.5 grams divided in two spread out over the day.

    Day 4: Yesterday I noticed the skin of my feet feeling much softer. This morning the hands joined too but that is probably due to the daily intake of the coconutoil which is the basis of the 'chocolates'.
    I do notice that the muscles of the upper arms seem to get 'sour' faster when simply holding up the arms just for a very short bit. I take it that that is part of the toxins being freed that are cleared away too.
    Today I'm going to start with first drinking a few cups of water so that there will be plenty of fluid in the system, then eating something, then taking the reishi. This time again in combination with the D3 and B12 (that also contains vit C) like day 1.

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    March 18, 2015

    I think it's day 7 now: Today I took the full dose (0,5) in the morning on a cracker with carobespread and that went well, I keep drinking gingertea afterwards too.
    Maybe tomorrow I'll up the dose a bit by taking again in the afternoon. I ran out of 'chocolates' so will see if I am up to making some more, so I can take halfs to build up, else will just take the powder as is in combination with food.

    I do am very tired the last few days but not as much ME tired, it feels more like a 'normal' persons tired. The arms are still quite heavy but slightly better too. And I have more active moments without fully crashing again afterwards. I do make sure to take plenty of rest in between since it does feel like the body is working hard on things.

    So far so good.

    March 19, 2015

    Day 8: Doing pretty well. Didn't have any problems with the full dose so made some more chocolates today with the Reishi powder so I can try to take 1 in the morning and a half in the afternoon from tomorrow on to see how that goes. I do sleep a lot but feel quite restored for a bit when waking up which is nice and allows for more and longer active moments. Today my feet where very cold but it was colder outside too. Haven't had that in a while though. All and all I'm happy with the progress!

    Will look into what is advisable for building up and building down and having periods of no supplement in between later on.

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    March 20, 2015

    Well that is thanks to your suggestions Jim! And thanks to Radio for suggesting the ginger and apple cider vinegar. Still have to try the vinegar but the ginger tea seems to help in limiting the heavy head, it's hardly noticeable now.

    Thanks for explaining what adaptogen means Jim. The two month thing is a good thing to know too. I'm probably going to build up gradually to the Traditional practitioners recommend 2 to 5 g daily for chronic illness but taking it slow. Can't break down in a day what has been build up in decades.

    It's going well Joanie. Side effects are quite well under controle now it seems. In general I'm having more active moments so I already feel the improvements which is very very nice and welcome. I don't mind experiencing some effects from the cleaning up that the body is doing. It's not a bad thing if 'the water gets dirty when the laundry gets clean' ;)
    I have never taken Mitaki so I can't compare, maybe someone else on here has used them both and can tell you. I use lose powder which I can dose myself, could well be you just used a to high dose to start with and your body needs to get used to it first? Cleaning up can have all kinds of effects that do not feel good but still might be...
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    Day 11: Taking 0,5 gr Reishi in morning and afternoon now (so in total 1 gr). This morning again in combination with the D3 and B12.
    The more active moments are continuing though I do feel very tired at times too but that seems only logical with the body working hard to restore things that had been deprived so long, and with the more active moments it is adjusting to. It definitely feels like a more 'healthy' tiredness then the general M.E. fatigue I experienced.
    Others commented I look stronger and healthier too.
    This morning the sole of my feet where feeling very warm. All in all it seems to be giving signs that the system is doing it's work. I'm just going to slowly keep building up and see what it does.
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    Day 16: I am now on 1,5 grams a day. No more head or stomach aches whether I eat or drink ginger tea before or right after or not.
    Still very tired but also still being able to be reasonably active every now and then.
    Am going to make a new batch of chocolates today and will put the double amount into them so I don't have to take in to much fat from the oil to keep building up and can still half them to build up slowly.

    Day 20: Since it didn't seem to do anything anymore I upped to 3 gram now. Divided in threes over the day. I do more often have the feeling of wanting to leave the house that I usually don't have when I'm to exhausted so I'll take that as a good sign but I am quite tired and dreaming exhausting dreams again. It's nice to be more active but also seems a need to find a new balance before it is sustainable. Just gonna continue on 3 for a bit and maybe switch to taking it just with water next to see if that makes a difference with taking it with oil since that could well also effect the way the body absorbs it... will see, time will tell.
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    Day 23: I took the Reishi powder without the 'chocolate' the last 4 times and noticed my nose is more dry.
    The interesting thing that I did not notice that normally gives me an instant headache is that the waterreservoir on my central heating dried up. So that could be part of the dry nose too. It seems that the coconut oil also could play a part in reducing migraines etc I heard just a few days back. Whether it is the coconut oil or the Reishi it is pretty remarkable that I haven't had a migraine in quite a while or even a starting headache.
    With the loose powder I have difficulty to keep track how often I took it so will go back to the chocolates for more ease and so I don't have to weigh or estimate each time how much I'm taking. And since the coconut oil seems to be doing a good job too it's two in one go.

    Day 27: I build up to 5-6 grams a day by now. I don't know how much coconut oil a day is too much though so I started to take in the first 2 grams of powder in the morning with a little cold fluid since more then a gram a chocolate doesn't turn out nice anymore. It easily desolves in a little cold water or any other fluid. Today I combined again with the B12 and D3.

    I noticed, though I was very tired when visiting the relatives for easter I wasn't exhausted when going back home again. Did have a LOOOOONG nap the day after but other then that felt pretty OK. The dry nose is still present and the itch too but that seems to be a known side effect of the Reishi. I'll probably take a break of the Reishi for a little while soon to see the difference. I'm now using marbles to help remind myself how much I took that day.

    Day 29: I seem to be less able to 'digest' information lately. The few pages I read or have read to me each morning are sinking in way harder then before and I have difficulty processing them. I wonder if this could have to do with detoxing that is cluttering the brain. My apetite on the other hands is only growing it seems. Once this round of chocolates is finished I'm going to take a break from the Reishi to see how I feel then.

    Day 1 stop : Holding a short stop to see how that goes. Last day yesterday I took the final 3 grams.

    Day 2 and 3 stop: I find I have a lot of cramps in stomach and back area. Last days of period so that will play a part too but like this is new to me and I didn't have on the first day. The heavy feeling just below the chestbone is back too which I hadn't had for a while. I did have an exceptionally heavy duty day yesterday so just gonna let it settle down all a bit first to see how I feel after that before I restart taking the Reishi/Coconut oil.

    Day 3 stop continued: I feel horrible and I don't like it a bit :p Think I'll probably start back on the Reishi after all since it feels like I'm getting a migraine again. It's a good situation to try out things and actually notice the difference though... Stopping made that much clear. Now I can play around with either or both the Reishi and Coconut oil to see if I can fight of a migraine by it...
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    Day 36 after a 5 day stop: I've started on the coconut oil reishi 'chocolates' again today since they are so much easier to take that way and I really haven't felt well during the stop. Being fainty and weird in the stomach. Still like that on the end of this first day but a relapse was expected after my little outing on sunday so that still plays parts too. A dusty dryness in nose and mouth is back again which seems to be related to the Reishi.

    If you have M.E. and experiences with Reishi yourself do share! It isn't very trustworthy what is coming up in google since most of those 'experiences' are connected to MLM marketeers trying to sell that abnormally expensive coffee. So hearing back from real people who simply use the Reishi powder as is, is helpful.

    Note: Please, when you want to reply on this topic do not post links and quotes or copy and paste googled texts here.
    On this thread just write about your own experience in your own words in simple English so this thread stays readable to those with limited energy and limited knowledge of English or medical terms too.
    Thank you!
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    Just a small update. Still strange things going on with the stomage, not sure if it is at all related since I did stop again for a bit.
    I have no clue how to influence the stomach problems or what is causing them, nothing seems to work and stopping on the reishi didn't either.
    I am going to take more randomly now to see if taking per the bodies need instead of a fixed amount makes a difference.

    @ljimbo42 if you happen to see this how is the Reishi going for you nowadays?
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    @Soul* - Hello- I'm glad you didn't abandon this thread altogether.:) I feel like the reishi has really helped with my energy levels and it definitely has strengthened my immune system. I am now taking 3 grams a day of reishi and 1,200 mg a day of astragalus, which is another immune boosting herb.

    It sounds like you are having a hard time finding out what is causing your stomach problems. I am also having stomach problems, they just started in the last few weeks, and I also cannot figure out what is causing them, but I do have a very sensitive digestive tract.

    I don't know if it's the reishi or something else I am taking, since I am taking many supplements. I am also just getting over the flu so that makes it more difficult to figure out. Although, when I get the flu I am usually really sick for about 5 days and this time I was only very sick for three.

    I think that's probably from the reishi keeping my immune system stronger. Let me know how taking the reishi more randomly works for you will you? I also want to mention that I take a very small amount of coconut oil, because I can't tolerate bigger one's.

    When I first tried coconut oil I took just 1/8 teaspoon and had really bad detox or die-off reaction. So that might be something you want to look at as causing your stomach problems too. Jim
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    Thanks Jim. Same here, last few weeks too. Since around april 13th...
    Today I only drank and didn't eat all day until evening time but drank fresh ginger and pepermint and chamomille and fennel tea but that didn't ease anything. Then in the evening I did have a normal warm meal and after that I now do feel slightly better.

    It sure is an art to find what works and what doesn't and what is causing what. My family does have a history of stomach ulcars and such, both mom and dad but I never had any real problems stomach wise before.

    I only use the coconut oil in combination with the reishi so when I stopped the reishi I also stopped the coconut oil. I have build up to about 6-7 grams a day... I'm going to continue doing the random to see how that goes, it doesn't seem related to the stomach though.

    I have heared saying before that people get more problems when they are around 20 years in M.E. specially when homebound and in bed because of it a lot of the time but I'm not going to give in that easily. There are always ways to improve though it isn't an easy road to find the right one. That and age playing it's own part to I bet and so much going around these days as is. So many factors can be part of it all. Still I'm happy with your suggestion to try Reishi and I do believe that since I felt better when I had the flue that it SHOULD be possible one way or the other to feel better on day to day basis too. Onwards we go! :D Hope you find out what helps ease things for you. I now regularly chew on fresh ginger and fennel seeds. Sometimes it eases things sometimes it doesn't.
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    I may have just found out what is causing my stomach aches, will give it a few more tries to be sure but it might be the non organic bananas and might even be the specific brand I won't mention yet untill I'm sure. I usually buy organic fair trade but there wheren't any left so bought some others. I was doing quite well the past 4 or 5 days stomach wise but just ate a banana sandwich and immidiately started to have stomach cramps again.... typical... will be looking into this further first. Doing well on taking the reishi when I feel like I need to take it.
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    Hi Soul- I did find what was causing my digestive issues, it was a licorice root extract. It is called DGL or deglycyrrhizinated licorice root. It helps heal the digestive tract, but too much can cause digestive issues and because my digestive tract is so sensitive, it caused me problems. I was taking a concentrated extract of 10 to 1 (10:1). So 600 mg. is equal to 6,000 mg. of the whole herb.

    I was taking one and a half tablets a day (600mg), which is equal to 6 grams of licorice root, and that's what was causing my stomach issues. Good to hear the Reishi is still helping you when you need it. Hope you found what was causing you're stomach issues (the bananas). Good health to you! Jim
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    Have any of you used "oral tolerance" to shut down T & complement system attacks using raw egg shell membrane and UC-II? and have you been tested (IGg panels and sub panels for Mycoplasma infection?)
    and the raw egg collagen in the membrane will heal you stomach and gut's, the collagen in the egg shell is alive and contains collagen type 1, 3,4,,5,10, collagen type 1 makes up 90% of our bodies collagens including stomach and intestines, when I went on it last year (Wife did to ) about 3 weeks in I asked her if her digestive system felt better and she said it did, no problems, amazing ! look up oral tolerance the collagen connection , human bodies collagen's more !
  20. Dkw41127

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    If you want to see it in action next time you scrape or cut yourself break a egg and put the membrane on the wound, starts healing on contact, since collagen type 1 makes up our skin !