ME research call (UK) its a bit long.but i live in hope.

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  1. id just like to share this article with you all,its from a uk disability magazine.

    disability campaigners have called on the goverment to plough greater resources into finding a treatment for ME,following claims of misdiagnosis and mistreatments by the NHS.

    the 25% ME group,which represents people with the most severe forms of the condition,accused the goverment of
    "wasting millions on inappropriate treatment" by using psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy to help treat patients of ME.

    the group is quoted as saying..the goverment has chosen to pour many millions of pounds worth of public money into funding psychologically- based treatments and management stratergy therapies,which simply do not work for ME patients,and indeed can cause more harm to ME sufferers.

    the national support group claims 95 per cent of its members who had tried such therapies reported a worsening of their symptoms.

    instead,it is calling for the government to redirect resources into researching the physical causes of the illness,which they say is currently being funded through private donations..

    another ME charity said,psychological therapies can help
    "as a coping strategy to manage the illness" but reinforced calls for "fully funded biomedical research".

    a spokeswoman for the department of health said "it is for clinicians to decide how best to treat their patients"

    she said the government had invested £8.5million in chronic fatigue syndrome/ME services via the medical research council (MRC).

    the MRC said it would fund proposals which had an "alternative approach" but that nothing of sufficient quality had yet been proposed.


    i attended one of their so called coping strategy on my name and find my reply to how it made me worse.its titled... im a victim of this,and im asolutely disgusted.
    will our goverment ever put money into research of our illness.we dont need excersize clinics.we need a cure.

    kind regards
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    on phsycologically based treatments with regards to this illness. However the recent findings that support a biological cause, hopefully, will have laid this means of thought to rest. I live in hope!


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