ME vs. Depression & ME vs. Fibromyalgia

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    Page contains:
    (*) Comparison of M.E. and Depression

    (*) COMPARISON OF M.E. & FM symptoms, etc.

    (*) Effects of M.E. & FM (level of disability, respective to time of illness)

    (*) Recovery trends of M.E. & FM
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    I agree with you except for one thing, that the VENN diagram is stating the incidence of "chronic fatigue"--just the symptom--and not chronic fatigue syndrome.

    So there is no "CFS" and "ME" at the same time, but one can have CHRONIC FATIGUE and M.E. at the same time.

    In fact, the incidence of M.E., a disease that explains all the symptoms someone with the CDC's "CFS" might have, would actually disqualify that person from getting a CFS diagnosis, since CFS is a diagnosis based on exclusion of other illnesses. :)

    Yes, I really love that explanation, too! Some Ferrari's only gets like 12 miles per gallon, I think? Ha...
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    Not a problem at all, who knew I could still spot things with foggy brain! I'm glad the site has proven useful and hope others take the time to look as well =)


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