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    I went to my pain management dr today and he refered me to a neuroligist. Yes I have fibro but he thinks something else is going on. I am schedualed for an emg and mri next week. He wants to rule out me. Can someone please explain what me is? Thank you so much.Hugs to all. Mary
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    I suspect your doctor is referring to M.E., or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. That's the name the U.K. and most other English-speaking countries use for CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

    However, there are some enlightened doctors who actually recognize M.E. as distinct disease with neurological abnormalities. That may be why you're being sent out for those tests.

    New diagnostic criteria for CFS/ME were developed a few years ago, known as the Canadian Consensus Guidelines. He may be following that.

    For more information on M.E. , I recommend checking out the M.E. Society of America's website ( and the website

    I hope this helps somewhat!
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    Thank you for the info.I will look into it!