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    I am new to this site and, out of curiosity, I have looked all around for a definition of ME. What does ME stand for? There's an article about an advocate couple for ME/CFS. What's ME? Thanks to any and all who answer.
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    I think this is a great post to move to the "Fibromyalgia and ME & CFS Discussions" forum.

    I saw a recent post/question just like this on our ProHealth Facebook page and I didn't see anyone providing an answer to the individualL. I was planning on linking to one of our articles that explain ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I can’t find the comment on Facebook. It’s time to use the power of the internet to spread our knowledge, support each other and use our numbers to achieve our goals and objectives. If you have a Facebook account I encourage you to visit our Facebook page and provide your wealth of knowledge to those people too.

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    Rich Carson has always been an advocate for the patient and their rights. He has consistently maintained his efforts to support patient advocacy, fighting for the name change of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, researching supplements and providing health information to all.

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    Thank you for the replies and for pointing me in the proper direction for the answer to my question. I now know what ME is but don't quiz me!
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