mea culpa re: coconut oil

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sascha, Apr 21, 2007.

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    i was wildly enthusiastic about coconut oil. i was on it for months.

    it DID remove CFIDS aches and pains.

    BUT it did NOT lower cholesterol. on my last blood test, my bad cholesterol had gone up, and my good cholesterol had gone down.

    now i'm in a dilemma- i'm starting to get the CFIDS aches back, but i don't want bad cholesterol going up. what to do...

    i don't want to take any of the Western medicine prescriptions for cholesterol. i am checking into alternative cholesterol treatments from the health food store. so far, have tried one that upset my innards (i have IBS). i plan to check into the red rice yeast, but that brings me to a question:

    Q: does the yeast in red rice yeast increase candida yeast, which itself can be a major component of CFIDS.

    anyway, i'm disillusioned about the coconut oil. i had read such good hype about it i really wanted it to work wonders on me.

    so i've bared my soul- to all- Sascha
  2. sascha

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    (i'm answering myself!)

    i just read online that red yeast rice actually inhibits growth of candida yeast. i think i'll give it a try. i can take a fiber supplement and digestive enzymes to ease any possible gastic effects. Sascha
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    Sascha, I've been using coconut oil (at least 2 TBS.)every day for months, and my last test came back low for the bad, and so high for the good that it put me a little bit over the 200 mark. My doctor told me to ignore the high result, because I'm in great shape. I use mainly olive oil and coconut oil, with a little butter for flavoring.

    I don't know about the rest of your diet, but I am very strict about the sugar and starch intake, and absolutely avoid gluten. I think that's what has helped me the most.

    Every one's different, so this input is just for your own consideration, of course.
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    maybe i was taking too much. i really hate to give it up.

    thanks for your answer/inf. maybe i will go back to a smaller amount combined with olive oil. wow- it really helped your cholesterol. that was what i heard from various sources- that it could reduce bad cholesterol. i don't know why i got the results i did.

    i am off starches and sugars completely; well, i have had a bit of a relapse lately as life circumstances have temporarily become more complicated. but my diet has been squeaky clean since Jan. 9th. it is interesting reading your experience with coc.oil. thanks, sascha