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    Hi meash deb here
    My husband was very lucky if you can say that after two heart attacks. He has a strong family history of heart disease. { Mom and Dad both had heart attacks very young} He was very lucky and got to the hospital in time to get these clot bursting drugs that saved him from having a lot of damage done. He went back to work about three months after the first one and six months after the second one. He does miss playing hockey which is about the only thing he can't do. We did like to party a bit and that certainly has changed also, but we also don't sweat the small stuff either. Since your husband has had heart problems and a serious accident I'm sure you know what I mean. We just don"t worry about the small stuff anymore. Thank goodness we're around the same age so we're ok going slower. I sometimes feel like I really holding him back though. I can't dance anymore which we loved to . Walking was a big part of our life also and I can't do that anymore. But we do have grandchildren also and they are the greatest. Nothing but pure love, who could ask for anything more. Gentle hugs deb
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    Hi Deb
    I agree with you on so many levels, my husband and I are also the same age and we used to enjoy doing so many things outdoors, we live way out in the country and have alot of land and he used to love to hunt, but since his accident he cannot walk the hills like before, so he built a hut and sits in it to hunt, but he cannot bow hunt either because of severe injury to his shoulder in same accident, so he got a permit to hunt with a crossbow which is illegal in WV unless you have a disabilty and cannot use a regular bow, so that made him feel alittle better. He seems to know how I feel before I even do and always tries to make things easier for me somehow. Our Grandchilren are our lives at this point along with their parents of course, but it is hard to have to just sit and watch them sometimes because it hurts to much to run and play with them, but I do not want this illness to be who I am so I keep going and honestly believe it will help me to regain some of my independance, I hope. It is all so much of a trade off I am learning, pain and misery without treatment or less pain and than other side effects which I can deal with right now if that is my only option to stay in the game. I have been at our youngest daughters and her husbands since last Tuesday. She just gave birth to their first baby (a girl) on Wednesday the 17th and I have been having so much fun being here for this birth and being able to help them as such as I can for awhile. I am going home on Monday and I know I will miss them so much. Pure love for sure. Gentle hugs back to you
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    Congrats on the new grandbaby. We have no small ones in our family now. I have two grandsons, 12 and soon to be 16. They are my oldest daughers children I have another daughter and a son but neither of them are showing any signs of wanting kids. I think I read in one of your post that this is your second marrage, it is also mine. If I was still married to my first husband I would be in a lot of trouble now because he would be no help. Another great thing about this board is that your meeting people from everywhere. I'm from Canada, but this disease doesn't care where we are from. It must be hard for your husband to have to give up the things he enjoys also but sometimes we have to remember what we can do and not what we can't. It also seems that just when you think you can't handle another thing you get a little bit of a break and get some strength to keep on going. Sorry I think I'm rambaling tonight, my husband is gone to work and my son is gone for the night. My husband works shift work so I've gotten used to being alone, again this board gives you something to do. Best hit the bed, Sleep is hard to come by for me. Have a good evening. Deb
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    just caught you on the arthritis board, hadn't heard of you for a few days and was hoping everthing was alright. Just checking in, hope to talk to you soon. deb
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    Hey Deb,

    I have been having a hard time with the DJD/RA in neck and it is hard to sit and work at the computer, so I am taking it easy and trying to rest some and the meds make me a little foggy so hopefully this is all making sense.

    thank you for your thoughts and I will talk with you later

    Gentle hugs back at you

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    I read on another board that they have changed your meds. I hope these new ones work for you. I hear how tough this disease is for some and have to give thanks for my own life. I've been very lucky over the years that meds have kept me under control for long periods of time. I guess you must be home by now, I read in one of the threads that you have stepchildren but there where no Step in your family. I have to tell you a little story about my son. I was married before and had a daughter from that relationship. My second husband and I have two children together a girl and boy. When my son {who's the baby of the family} was 4 or 5 someone said something to him about his half sister. He was very upset and had no idea what half sister meant because he had never heard that term before. He thought someone was going to cut his Sister in half. Now that he's 24 there is still no such thing as half in our family. My husband has always been my oldest daughter Daddy. Hope this little story gives you a chuckle , its been a family joke for a long time. I hope your meds kick in and you feel better soon. I'll watch the board for you when your feeling better. Hugs to you Mary, Deb

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