meat aversion, weight gain - ideas?

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    Hi guys. :) Does anybody here have an aversion to meat? I've gradually come to loathe the stuff, be it chicken, fish, whatever. Ugh, I just don't WANT to eat it! So I've been getting my protein from lots of nuts, and yogurt, and sometimes eggs (even the eggs are starting to gross me out now, and I used to be able to eat like ten of them a day and love it). What could this meat thing mean? Should I still try to get some of it down?

    Since starting to eat so many nuts and seeds, I've bulked up like a squirrel preparing for winter. 20 extra pounds of pure... insulation, let's say - in just one month!!!!!! So my other question is, is there any way to eat nuts without packing it on?

    Thank you SO MUCH! (()) Shannon
  2. ldbgcoleman

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    Are you pregnent?? Just Joking! There is a bread called Ezekiel bread. It is in the frozen health food section. It is made from sprouted wheat and is full of protien. I comes in raison and wheat. I'm not a nutritionist but I would not force down meat. There are plenty of vegans and vegetarians out there who get loads of protein from other sources. Good Luck Lynn
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    there are protein shakes and bars i would try them.

    at first i thought you needed to gain weight and i though geese i jealous i need to lose it.

    protein shakes are great i like the ones by eas

    good luck

    jodie the fellow fm
  4. Shannonsparkles

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    What's in protein shakes? I've got candida and loads of food sensitivites, so my options are really cut down... Any other protein sources that are good too? Anything I don't have to cook first would be awesome! Thanks!
  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    gain that kind of weight. I usually lose weight when i eat alot of nuts. I make a healthy lunch of a palmful of pecans or walnuts w/ several raw veggies like red pepper and celery, or carrot and romaine and then some crackers, rice or maybe rye (i"m off wheat for a bit).

    What kind of nuts are you eating? I wouldn't suspect the nuts, nuts and seeds are full of minerals, live enzymes (for raw nuts, what I eat) and the best kind of fat. I bet you are loading up on extra carbs and that's the weight gain.

    I go through a meat aversion in winter when I get very depressed from SAD. Are you depressed lately? Sometimes it takes awhile to catch on taht you are, you may have to ask someone close to you if you have changed lately.

  6. LittleBluestem

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    Legumes - beans and peas, are a low fat source of protein. Peanuts are legumes, but are higher in fat than some of the others. Get some Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cookbooks for ideas.

    There are also some low-fat cheeses and sour cream available. The quality of some brands is better than others.

    And don’t forget about mushrooms.
  7. revlcb

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    I'll start eating meat and it will taste rancid to me - even when someone is eating from the same roast and they don't taste it. Then at times the same type of meat will be fine.

    I too at times get a metallic taste in my mouth, then nothing tastes good. I've not bee able to figure either one of these out, such as attributing it to a new med.

    Since being dx in Feb. I've lost 20 lbs. just from being nauseated occaisionally. I need to lose a lot more as my life is now very sedentary due to the pain I have been experiencing over the past years.

    I use Atkins and EAS protein shakes. Both are very good tasting and if you're not feeling like eating anything heavy like meat they both contain over 20 gms of protein.