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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MtnGMa, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. MtnGMa

    MtnGMa New Member

    Has anyone ever had a "Medial Branch Block"? I'm scheduled for one this week and I'm just a bit nervous about having it. I not only have FM but I have some really bad "arthritic changes" in my spine. Both Cervical and Lumbar. So the new Dr. I'm seeing says we should treat what we are able to treat. He is a Pain Management Dr. and Anesthesialogist(sp). I'd love to hear from anyone who has had this done and was it effictive? But on the other hand he told me that the Orthoapedic Docs don't want to do Knee replacement on me because if I went into a "total flare" after the surgery I wouldn't be able to do "Rehab", and then I would never be able to use my leg again...I'm really confused!!!
    G-Ma aka Cathy
  2. Shirl

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    I can't help, but please keep your post bumped up. This board is moving so fast that you were already on the second page.

    Good luck lady.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. MtnGMa

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    OK I'll show my ignorance.....How do ya "bump something up". Told y'all that I'm "puter challenged"...
    LOL at myself..
    Cathy aka G-Ma
  4. MtnGMa

    MtnGMa New Member

    Do ya just write something silly and post it????

    Love ya's
    Cathy aka G-Ma
  5. TXFMmom

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    It may be referring to a medial branch block of the arm, if your cervical problems have resulted in impingement of the medial branch of the arm nerve.

    I had blocks done on my cervical vertebrae and it really helped with my arm pain and triggers.

    I was a CRNA and was skeptical but it worked.
  6. pammeebr

    pammeebr New Member

    I am having this procedure myself to see if it will help my severe hip pain. I am skeptical and scared!! Let me know how yours goes and I will post about mine as well. I had to do a search to find your post.. nothing else about medial branch injection at all.. my pain mgt doc (who I have seen only once) says this is THE WAY to treat fibro pain and also I am now on Lyrica (expensive) and she states she doesn't give narcotics. I am scared as I have been on vicodin for 6 months.... Hopefully she will wean me off. good luck to you and pray for me!! Pam in GA
  7. ~Sibyle~

    ~Sibyle~ New Member

    Have you tried a chiropractor? If you have pinched nerves in the vertebra a chiropractor can help that quite a bit.

    I have been going to one for two years now and have had a lot of improvement with pinched nerve issues.

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