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    They will offically cut my medical coverage off on feb. 1st. They said my husbands disability is $100.00 a month too much for me to keep it. 32 years of type 1 diabetes you think they would let me keep it. I am so bursting mad right now. I dont know what I am going to do. The attorneys I talked to said to divorce my husband, but thats not right. I really feel sorry for those in our government, because judgment day is coming, and I would not want to be in their shoes. I emailed the governer, which I know was a waste of my time.
    Does anyone out there know how that works? Who is in charge of making these decisions about who gets coverage and who doesnt.
    A 26 year old boy died in the EMR here about two months ago waiting to be seen in our local chairity hospital. I dont want to go back there. Although right now Heaven sounds really good.
    Any suggestions would really be appreciated. God bless, Julie
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    and that is the advice of your lawyers then maybe you should consider it doesn't seem right but thisis what a lot of people i have known to do just to get welfare benefits and medical coverage from the states...for themselves and thier children...

    i personally have a neighbor who knows exactly who the child father is, but didn't want to tell the state so she can get welfare and medical for her child...she has her section 8 cause she played the game she was homeless, which she really was living w/her mother...the childs father is around quite frequently, gives he money pays for bills...not right but what the heck can you do./...

    you sound like you really need your insurace so do whatever you need to do.... go talk to a social service caseworker and tel them you don't know if ou guys are going to stay together, you know i was signed some papers stating that i wasn't living with my husband....

    which was true for me... but you need to do whatever works best for you...doesn't mean you guys can't remarry or just sort of live together just would be legally doesn't state anywhere that you can not have someone live in your home and not get your med-caid...

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    It is really sad how this works. The doctor says you have to take care of yourself and go in to them often, how do they expect you to pay. A case workers advise was to sell my home and move into a low cost houseing community. I will never do that, but if I dont and decide to stay married, then any hospital bills could come back to haunt me and they probably would try to take my home away from me anyway. Its like the government doesnt want anyone to have anything. I hate to say it, but right now death would be a blessing, it just isnt right. And I know that many others are in my shoes, they punish you if you are disabled. The only consolation I have is that God says, " vengance is mine". As a christian I know that I am not suppose to wish bad things on someone, but I really wish God would do whatever he has to do for vengance. God bless, Julie
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    I know its not right and dishonest, but. No doubt our government is absolutly horrible, everyone who is involved in it!

    I have a feeling I will be losing my medicaid soon and when I do I will get a divorce and claim my kids. It is bad enough to have this disease but having it poor it terrible.

    If you right some of your local government officials and tell them your story they might help you, not that they care one bit, it is just good PR.
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    help but I would never advise you to divorce your husband (it costs a lot to do anyway) and then live with him to get your Medicaide. If they DO find out you would lose all your benefits and maybe worse.

    It makes NO sense that they considered paying unwed mothers $100 to GET married and then force people to get divorced just to get the medical coverage they need. But there it is. Compassionate?

    The sad thing is that so many people who claim to be religious now have NO compassion and are all for these cuts to the ones who most need help; the young, old, disabled. I would suggest that the idea of checking on state programs is a good one, each state has it's own programs..most are very hard to qualify for but I can't think of anything else. Good luck and I hope you find a good answer!
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    Contact the makers of the insulin. Some drug companies have assistance with the medications they make. Contact them and see if they have a program. Ask your doctor if there is a program for your insulin or one that is compatible.
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    to spend down my cash in the bank...only can have 3000 in the bank and then when my son tunrs 18 i can only have can own a home that doesn not get count against you...but i can not affordt to buy a home offff rom my ssdi, not in my areamedian sales for just a condo is like 600k...

    so i am alr4ady divorced way before i knew about these know i need to figure out where i can spend my money at, i can buy burial stuff...etc....

    welll you need to do what is best for you....

  8. hagardreams

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    I found a lot of the drug companies that will cover most of my meds, but you have to go to the doctor to get them to fill out the paper work to get the meds. I will not have the money to go to the doctor. None of the free clinics will fill the paperwork out for you. Its just a viscious circle. I would like to see how many of our government officals go to church and worship God. I would go sit next to them in church, and soon after the service have a nice long chat with them. Then see how good of a person they really are.
    I dont want to divorce my husband, that is so cruel, we have been together for 28 years. But what am I suppose to do. I have had so many praying for me, but I guess God has other plans, maybe hes fishing right now, who knows. God bless, Julie
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    I am so sorry for your troubles.

    Do speak with a social worker and see if perhaps you can write off your additional medical expenses to get your income down.



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    that gives you medicaid havethe next level of program. There you would do a co-pay. In your case, the co-pay would be $15.00/ month. You apply for this thru DSHS.
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    you dont have to get divorced, you can file for seperation. You can seperate and still live together.
  12. 69mach1

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    making a decsion based on your religous beliefs...which is fine...i am knocking it at all i do not like to discuss religion as a whole....

    but maybe yu need to sit down write the plus's and the wil still be entitled t yur hubby's social security if he is to pass before you....he can still live the home or such to you....

    just would be saving yourself and getting the medical care that yu need....

    you both could have a special cereomony for being life partners instead of marital partners...i don't want to catch a bunch of flack here for what i am about to say...but maybe you could think about how it is just a piece of paper that at one time helped with tax decudtions and benefits...

    yu are past that you need yuo health benefits....

    sorry you have such adifficult decisions to make talke to your pastor or minister or your church leader maybe they can give some answers in regards to yur faith....

    how does your hubby feel about getting a divorce but still live togehter...?

    yu both can do your own divorce and it does noty have to get expensive at fact they waive court fees for the poor and that is what you are if your are on medi-caid....i am poor too on medi-cal andmedicare...

    i have to pull out money and spendown on tuesday...or i will be looking at what you are...but i am already divorced...

    i have to do what i have to do...

    good luck in your decsiosn

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    I called about divorce, filing fees all of that. They told me I could hire a paralegal to do the divorce paperwork, but I cant seem to find one in the phone book.
    Any ideas how to find one?
    I did some figuring on the differences if we do get divorced, and it seems that financally we would be better off if we were divorced.
    Actually if a miracle could happen and I could work for just over 1 1/2 years, then I would be eligable for SSDI. Then this mess would not be going on. I wouldn't get the medicaid, but I would have a few hundred dollars coming in, and that would help pay doctor bills. I just cant think of any job that I could do. I wish I could make money on ebay like my son does. That would help also. This is going to have to be in the good Lords hands, I just dont know which way to go. God bless, Julie
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    Julie, my sister is a single mom. She was finally awarded her disability on the third try. Then, like you, the Social Services/Welfare Dept. told her that she made too much on SSDI to collect FREE Medicaid.

    So now, she has to pay so much for her Medicaid medical coverage. Like someone else said, it is called the "Spend Down" program. According to her income, she has to pay so much per month on her docs and meds before everything becomes covered.

    Call them and talk to them about other options that you have.

  15. 69mach1

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    i do have bot medicare and meddi-cal...that state is picking up my premiums...and i signedup for senior advantage though kaiser, eventhough i am not a senior yet just feel more like the unhelathly seniors is all...but

    plan of action call yuor local county do not have to have even a paralegal fill it can do that yourself if you are capable....see if they have a self help center whee they have free legal advice and help you fill out forms...

    check out your local county courthouse website they may have the info there and even there papers to get it started...

    this is a thought can you be legally separated to qualify for med-caid? maybe the divorce route is your only choice financially...then you to can legally live together and you keep all of your medical benefits... i am thinking if you are legally separted then you are not supposed to live togehter,

    if ou think yu need a paralegal to do the work look under divorce in the phone book....

    rally truly the forms are not that two can set your own marital agreements two can make it as simple as you want could waive your rights to spousal support if you want to...that is your choice...i did after may son finishes high school ...which i regret...we were in long term marriage and he had affair or two...left the house to live w/a stripper or dance she like tobe called that...anways he left also to go start another new career as a pipefitter in a union in san jose california...well, anyways while he is making 100k plus i will be lucky to afford my rent...for i get ssdi and it only will be about 850 a is high here more than my check a i am scrabling tyring to figure out my futre in a couple of years plus help put my son through college...his dad isn't too worried about...although cody gets college tution and books paid for here in ca because of his dad 30% disability pension...well physically he isnt that bad off///not like me...he had face surgery because of tmj///he just lost some sense of taste..but that has came back....
    and his feet have the plantar fascitis..but he could stil try pro wrestling for a while...anyways...

    protect much as you want to...but you have to be careful if yu decide to get spousal support from him that it will not put ou over the limit to qualify for medi-caid...

    it maybe just easier to not go after the spousal support if you are so entitled,,/.

    research, research it sounds to me...

    good luck

    it sounds like you are on the right track...

    also check out legal-aid there

  16. 69mach1

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    i a so concerned for your situaton...i was also informed by my caseworker that i could own a home, one car is exempt, you can use 1500 for burial service...and i thnk i can have an ira? not sure on that....

    anyways...i know there is something that you may need to think abot since i realized you do own a need to see about passing that onto the kids instead of to the state to cover or reap back money for past usuage of medical for thought...

    it stinks so completely stinks...

    but like the social worker told me they set this up for thr poor...

    you could sell your house and take your money out of the bank and put it in a safe place...go on a cruise....

    well good luck again
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    Seems to be a lot of poor people here, have you all ever noticed how it cost more to be poor. If you need some transportaion it could cost you almost twice as much being poor with bad credit, same thing with a house. The heating bill for my little mill house is almost $200.00 a month in the mild state of SC while my dad pays $110.00 in OH in a house that is almost 3 times larger.

    Things really need to change.
  18. hagardreams

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    I guess there is a lot of poor people here. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of that is the bible verse " its easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the gates of heaven". While that doesnt help me right now, it helps me remember that those rich folks are going to have a lot of explaining to do very soon.
    I have a lot of searching to do right now, and I have to make a very big decision that I dont want to make. I guess lots of prayers are needed. God bless, Julie
  19. day2day

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    I want to say I am very sorry for your delemia, but don't give up yet. I would call the local state office and see if there are any deductions they have missed, sometimes they can miscalculate, it has happened to me in the past.

    If you get nowhere with them, then I suggest you call ur local politician or congresspersons office, sometimes they can help as well.

    As far as divorce goes, before you proceed, check the ramifications for the future......will you lose benifits if ( God forbid) he should pass away? Im not sure how that works.

    I am sry for all the stress, its awful we have to not only deal with our illnesses, but also worry what is the next big worry our lovely government is going to cast on us.

    Good luck and God bless