Medicaid DOES cover Botox for migraines

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rene, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Rene

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    I called the pharmasist to get a number that Botox is labled and called madicaid and gave them the number and they said that medicaid does pay for botox for migraines. I don't have them but my mom does.
  2. Rene

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    botox work for you?? Rene
  3. tandy

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    I get migraines,although not as often as I was.I also get medicaid for myself only.(my kids have insurance paid by their dad) Thats something to consider if they come back with a vengence again. I wonder where they give you the shot?? Thats pretty scary!! Lets hope I don't need to go that route.I get them a few a month now....but I used to get them a couple a week!! I've been told they're from my neck.(bad disks and arthritis).
    Thanks for the info!!
  4. Rene

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    they cover it. You can call medicaid but they will need the number for botox and its called a NDC #. I have that number and it 00023114501. I called neurologist and found a dr who will give the shot. Maybe a pharmisist has names of drs for you.
  5. qman

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    I have had Botox injections twice in trigger points. I was told it would take a couple weeks for them to start kicking in. After the two-three weeks they did and gave me relief for about 21/2 months... it was wonderful! I had to pay for them... $250 each time but it was worth every cent. Now I have been told that the FDA is looking closer at Botox as a treatment for FMS. if anyone has had botox treatment for FMS please contact them.