Medicaid won't let me see an eye doc

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lenasvn, Oct 19, 2006.

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    I am so upset. The insurance via washington State Medicaid won't pay more than one visit/ year to an eye doc, not even if you have a severe problem with your eyes!

    I had my eyes checked (routine) in January, but every spring, summer and fall I get severe pains behind the eye, and it feels warm and "too big for the socket".

    I remember last time I went, the eye doc stressed thru the check, and she didn't look at the photos that was taken of the eyes. The left eye(that is usually bothering me) had twice as many blood vessels as the other eye. I think it's most probably hypertension in the eye. The vision is blurrier too.

    Anyways, this is not a new problem, but I have not been able to get adequate healthcare until I moved to WA. Before that I lived in SD where immigrants can't get Medicaid (or foodstamps, or cash assistance) for 5 years or 40 work quarters. Just so you guys know I have not let this just go and not take care of it.

    my regular doc tried to get me to an eye doc, not even he could get the insurance to budge.

    I know you guys can't help really, I just needed to rant about the whole thing! People can apparently have severe eye damage going on and Medicaid won't help you if you already saw an eye doc that year!

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    What a frustrating and scary thing!

    Have you thought of finding a Dr. who would give you a discount and let you pay on time? Some also do pro bono work. I bet an organizationn like Catolic Charities would help you.

    I have a friend who was going through hard times and coldn't afford a dentist. She found one, through a friend, who let her pay on time. I remembeer that she saved every penny she could in a jar, and eveery two weeks took him what was in the jar.

    What a shame that you have to go through this. I hope you find an answer. It's never good to let eye problems go unresolved. Maybe your regular Dr. could come up with something.

    Good luck,
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    Sorry, donnaeil, they said "no" to both (amazing). By the way, there are a couple to choose between in WA medicaid, mine starts with "M" (shouln't give the full name). Maybe getting one of the other ones will help?

    As for thyroid, we have thryroid disease in the family,but my doc will only run the standard tests, we all know those don't show all that is going on,like Hashimoto's. I could look into it.

    Maybe that would be an idea to check with a church if they would help. I'll see what I can do there.

    Many hugs and thanks!

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    for you.


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