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    I am still able to work, somewhat, and I'm wondering if it is even worth it. The cost of my health insurance premium is $400.00 a month, just for myself.

    The cost for all of my meds and a CPAP machine - all just due to my fibro is upwards of $200 a month.

    I PAY $600.00 A MONTH IN MEDICAL COSTS FOR FIBROMYALGIA. That is a house payment.

    Why bother working?

    FYI - The costs of my meds are COPAY costs.
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  2. wendysj

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    Hi Shari1677!

    My company is changing health care providers. The new plan will be much more expensive for me. I now pay $300 a month on medicine, $100 month on pump supplies and another $100 on over the counter things like gas-x. When the plan becomes effective next month, I'll be paying close to $700 a month - that doesn't even include "specialist" co-pays of $45 every time I go into their office. (Gyno, Gastro, Rhuemy, Endo & Cardio)

    I think it is worth it for you to keep working. I know it is hard but it gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment... Really, it gives you "somewhere you have to be" everyday. If that was taken away from me, I would lose the fight with depression.

    It sucks that we have to pay for all this but we do. There is no changing that. We just have to find a way to make peace with it. (It still sucks though!) :)


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