medical face mask? other immune boosters for traveling?

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    since I am getting ready to travel by airplane and so many people are sick (and airplane air is recycled), I am getting worried about catching I was wondering if anyone has ever used those face masks that Drs use? I know I will get some weird looks, but it would be worth it if it prevented getting sick. If anyone has used them, where do you get them? Also, any other suggestions for preventing catching a bug would be welcome. I know the obvious - wash your hands, take Vitamin C, & zinc, try to get enough rest, but anything else?
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    You can get one of those personal air purifiers that you put over your neck. It really helps. Also, my doctor prescribed glutothione that i can put inside my nostrils before i get on the plane and every couple of hours. I also do wear a mask, but that is mostly if someone has perfume nearby (chemical sensitivity).

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    I got CFS after getting sick after an airplane trip

    I was scared to take my first flight since then last May. I definately wore the mask, plus the ionizer/ air purifier which I wore. It was called the germ guardian. It wasn't that expensive either. maybe $30 and was supposed to kill viruses, etc.

    I didn't get sick.

    The masks I got at Amazon. You can get them at walgreens but they don't filter out enough. You want something that's labeled N95, that means it filters out 95% which is the best I've seen. You can get plain or RESPIRATOR AND SURGICAL MASK (Don't know if that really kills more viruses).

    I'm 30 and a few people looked at me weird (more so when I was being pushed in a wheelchair with my mask around my neck) but who cares. I even had the ionizer on in our room in the cruise ship.[This Message was Edited on 12/31/2008]
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    I'm not sure what you mean by the personal air purifier things, but they sound great. Where do you get them? And where do you get the masks?
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    Any stores where I could get face masks and/or travel air purifiers that are not online?