Medical/Healing/Energy Qi Gong or Chi Kung practitioner &/or moves at home

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  1. kooky2

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    Hi, to those of you severely ill, bedbound/homebound:

    Would like to hear from anyone who received Healing/Medical Qi Gong from a practitioner, giving you Qi as well as showing some easy gentle moves to practice?

    How often did you have the treatment? Duration of each session? How many months years did you receive the treatment?

    Did you use a DVD at home to enhance the treatment from the practitioner?

    Which DVD did you find most helpful?

    Many thanks,


  2. gapsych

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    "Would like to hear from anyone who received Healing/Medical Qi Gong from a practitioner, giving you Qi as well as showing some easy gentle moves to practice?"

    No thank you!!!
  3. herbqueen

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    Take a look at Anna York's website and her book "rising up". Anna reversed her MS through a combination of diet, prayer/meditation, Qi Gong, and Qigong bodywork/energy therapy. Her story is pretty inspirational.
  4. kooky2

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    Thanks, Herbqueen, I will check it out.

    I heard of another CFS/ME patient who had been ill for over 10 years,
    bedridden, etc... who also underwent Medical Energy Qi Healing. A year later
    she regained her mobility. I can't remember her name, but she has a bog about
    it and I can't find it.

    I found a Medical Qi Gong practitioner,
    (legitimate as per WHO a branch of TCM), who literally saved my life.
    The improvement was remarkable after two sessions. I continue with
    weekly sessions, till I am strong enough to attend Qi Gong classes. I can't do
    any moves, except for three ways of vibrating hands and arms at the moment.

    I met others who were bedridden, and through practicing meditation, receiving
    Medical Qi Gong, changing diet and life modification, are now leading normal healthy lives.
    It takes a very long time, its about healing and not treating symptoms, and according to what I read and seen with others and myself, healing does take place at cellular level. Regular blood tests confirms this. It takes over a year to heal a broken bone, and healing damage DNA, and multisystems, will take at least two years. I don't want to mask the symptoms, take meds and add more toxins.

    I tried everything before trying Energy Healing from a Qi practitioner. I was skeptical, converted after the first session. It surpassed my wildest dreams.

    Its no placebo, there is plenty of research about the physiological effects including specific breathing which releases excess of nitric oxides and other toxins in Western scientific journals

    Likewise, there is not much science about illness and diseases, and furthermore, we are bombarded with lit about meds, which don't work!! Skewed theories and marketing of more disease. IMHO.

    The other point is that if the Medical Qi Gong practitioner is incompetent, it can induce psychosis and hallucinations as mentioned in the DSM-V manaul, or cause blockages and cause more damage. Its very difficult to find a genuine and competent practitioner.

    I had some type of healing crisis during the sessions for the five organs, other and thereafter milder healing crisis releasing toxins.

    There is some info here: and thpusands more published articles in reputable scientific journals about the physiological benefits of Medical Qi Gong and practicing Qi Gong daily.

    It would have been nice to hear from others and sharing experience, comparing during this long healing journey....

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