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    I need some help. My employer's just switched to a deductible health insurance plan which I cannot afford. I went to them and told this to them and if there was anything they could do for me. Well needless to say, they insulted me to the point of me looking for a new job and finally taking the step to file for disability. I have been working there for almost 7 years and the lack of respect I was shown was unbelievable. Anyways, so now I cannot do my PT or see my doctor because I will need to pay out of pocket for these things. Not to mention my presciptions I take are too much money. Does anyone know of something I could do in order to force my employers to change their insurance choice or of somewhere I can turn to in order to get better insurance policy? Is there anything that will help with the prescription drug benefit? Or am I just out of luck until I find a new job or get the disability?
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    As far as anything you can do to get your employers to change the insurance, no there is nothing you can do. That is entirely their decision, and they can provide whatever they want. You cannot "force" them to do anything, and may lose your job if you push this issue, the same as pushing any other issue they don't like. They are, after all, your boss (no matter how unfair things seem at times).

    But you might want to check into a cheaper type of supplemental ins. to help fill in the gaps. I'm not sure what AFLAC has...or similar companies, but it's a thought. I do know AFLAC has a policy that pays for paps, mammos, etc. for very little...

    I do know there is also help out there for medications, but your income has to be below a certain amount. Not sure if you would qualify...might want to talk to your doc about getting samples...some docs are willing to give them to people who cannot afford their meds.

    Sorry, that's all the help I can give you...wishing you the best! Jole
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    there are several prescription programs out there to help; please check for participating programs. Also, Costco is supposed to have the cheapest prices on prescription drugs for those w/out insurance, and by law you do not have to be a member. See what your dr. charges for cash patients. There are other sites that can help with meds, just do a search on prescription med assistance. I haven't had time to check it out, but another site just recommended on another board is; You can see if there is any help that would be available to you (I haven't looked at this one yet, as I said). Good Luck, I'll be running into the same problems as you are experiencing very soon, unfortunately!

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