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    I've been off the site for a while. Hello to all new and not so new board members.

    This is my question - have any of you been to a Medical Intuitive? My Rhuem is pretty much ready to throw in the towel, although, all my many symptoms are on any FM list and I have a lot of Neuro symptoms. My primary dr is pretty good and I get my scripts from him.

    The rhuem is from what I was told excellent ! But after seeing him a couple of years I find he falls asleep during exam (PA told me he does this to a lot of patients), he has all these wacky machines he likes to use for Adreanal Stimulation, shots, etc. which he charges a lot for which I tried a few times with no help, normally makes me feel worse.

    His new thing is his PA says I shouldn't take that new FM med as I was allergic to Neurontin, Dr. is insistant that I tried it so I did and woke up covered in a rash very short of breath. It went away w/in 24 hours but I won't be taking that again.

    His newest thing is he wants me to go to a Medical Intuitive. He tells me I have severe FM, other Neruo problems, but is at a loss to help so now the Intuitive. I'm a bit (well more than a bit) skeptical. My husband says NO. I'm starting to think unless you are there for the expensive stuff or easy to treat I should be looking for another dr.

    I'm on meds that I can tolerate at the moment and believe me, I've tried everyting. I'm in a lot of pain but the meds at least take the edge off. I won't go into all my symptoms , just is there anyone who has any advise on the Medical Intuitive?

    Thanks so much !
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    I'm not all that sure, I looked it up and they supposedly can see into your body and tell what is wrong with you and/or what the cause of your symptoms are from. A trauma, etc. Basically, I asked if they were Physic's? Dr. said yes, but they don't like being called that.

    He then told me not to tell anyone as many people may be skeptical, which after leaving, I am.

    Has anyone ever heard of one of these people, and if so did it work?

    I'm having a difficult time grasping it and have been wondering for a while about this doctor and if it's time to find a new one. Just looking for someone who has more knowledge than I do that may have been to one and can give me their take on it.

    LISALOO New Member

    Totally thinking of this, interested in the experience of someone who's done this, as it's expensive.
  4. Juloo

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    I haven't ever met one, but I have read about a few. Does Caroline Myss even practice anymore? I know that even she says it is difficult to find someone with a good rate of 'hits'. I'd really want to know more about someone who was doing this type of thing.

    As to your current practitioner verifying their work, how many of us actually expect that from our MDs? How many of us go to MDs or other practitioners that actually have a positive record on 'curing' any of this?

    Not too many of any type, I would think.

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  5. landra

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    I personally would not discount a medical intuitive - I have had help from psychic sources in other areas of my life.

    But that doctor sounds awful. Prescribing something related to a drug to which you have a KNOWN allergy?!?! Falling asleep - sounds like he has his own medical problem which is not treated!

    If he cannot remember - or look through the chart and SEE things - no wonder he cannot successfully treat you! I'd see another rheumy as quick as possible!
  6. pawprints

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    I don't know of any, but I would check out listings in Sedona, Arizona. They can do the readings by phone.

    A good friend just spoke to an animal communicator. They figured out exactly what was wrong with their dog, when no vets could. Sure enough once they lead the vet in the right direction, the dog had an accurate diagnosis.

    I'm not making this up and this friend is very sane...just reporting what she told me.
  7. Elisa

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    I have also considered a medical intuitive.

    I have thrown big money at docs that have'nt a clue - so my thinking is why not?

    I am looking for one that is Christian too...

    Here is a list from Dr Norm Shealy site:


    Drs. Caroline M. Myss and C. Norman Shealy created Medical Intuition. Interested individuals may take a certificate program in Medical Intuition or take the courses as part of the doctoral program at Holos University Graduate Seminary.

    A national Board exam is available to become a

    Certified Medical Intuitive® or
    Certified Counseling Intuitive®


    Board Certified Counseling Intuitive (C.C.I.) & Board Certified Medical Intuitive (C.M.I.)


    Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., C.C.I., C.M.I.
    Intuitive Diagnostician

    Board Certified Counseling Intuitive (C.C.I.)

    Barbara Scholz, C.C.I.
    Intuitive Counselor and Energy Healer
    Available in person or by phone.

    Chipo Shambare, C.C.I.

    Nancy Powell, M.D., C.C.I.
    Midlothian, VA

    Kim Illig, C.C.I.
    Integrating the Intuitive Everyday

    Claire Montesino, C.C.I.
    Archetypal Counseling
    "Grow your potential"
    Houston, TX

    Susan Soorenko, C.C.I.
    1641 International Dr., #419
    McLean, VA 22102

    Elizabeth Thorson, C.C.I., RN
    I work at a distance & in person,
    please see web site for more details.
    The Wellness Center
    69 Elm St.
    Camden, Maine 04843

    Rev. Kelly Bullock, RN, C.C.I., Reiki Master

    Karin Cremasco
    B.Ed., Ph.D. (Energy Medicine),
    Th.D. (Spiritual Healing)
    Wholistic Health Facilitator, Developer, and Instructor of Body Harmonization™

    Associate Professor, Holos University Graduate Seminary

    Ordained minister of Spiritual Healing honouring all theologies

    Body Harmonization™ accesses body wisdom through muscle testing to discover and harmonize energetic causes of body-mind-spirit imbalances for conscious wholeness, healing, and empowerment.

    Practices in person and via telephone.

    Keith VanAtta, C.C.I.
    1812 Mayfair Road
    Tallahassee, FL 32303
    850-385-6490 or 850-228-1328

    Ruth Alvarez, C.C.I.

    Marie Diane Schilly, C.C.I.

    Available in person or via telephone

    Katherine Suchy, MS, C.C.I.
    P. O. Box 270543
    Littleton, CO 80128

    Lisa G. McFarland, R.M.T., CST, C.C.I.
    Center for Health & Wellness
    4615 Post Oak Place, Suite 243
    Houston, TX 77027
    Practices in person and via telephone.

    Nancy Proulx, C.C.I.
    Intuitive counselor for People & Pets
    Practices in person and via telephone.

    Sara Wicklein, C.C.I.
    Practices in person and via telephone.

    Mary Therese Agnessens, C.C.I.
    Living Wisdom Counselor

    Vickie Nutter, Th.D.
    Living Wisdom
    Cell: 740-629-1934

    Babs Smith, R.N., C.C.I.
    4912 S.E. Franklin St.
    Portland, OR 97206
    Phone: 971-244-2387

    Chipo Shambare, R.M.T., CST C.C.I.
    Intuitive & Archetypal Counselor, and Spiritual Healing. Available in person or at a distance
    Phone: 613-233-9422 Canada

    Rev. Dr. Nancy Garrison, Th.D., Ph.D.,
    Reiki Master
    Seattle Reiki
    Spiritual Healing, Integrative and Complementary Medicine
    Seattle, Washington

    Specializing in Spiritual Healing and Intentional Transformation through Intuitive, Spiritual, Pastoral Counseling.

    Nancy Garrison is a Reiki Master, healer, teacher, and counselor with more than 26 years of service in the healing field. An ordained minister, Nancy integrates spiritual, intuitive, energetic healing, talk therapy, Inner Counselor, hypnosis, and past and present life regression for successful resolution of emotional and physical pain and trauma. She is a 2005 graduate of Holos University Graduate Seminary, earning a Th.D. with special emphasis on Medical Intuition, and holds a Ph.D. from Universal University of Holistic Spirituality. Nancy graduated Northwest School of Healing in 2000, studying a variety of healing methods including energy balancing and clearing, psychic surgery, birth trauma resolution, and cranial sacral techniques.

    Please call or write for more information or to set up an appointment.

    Patricia Bechdolt, Th.D.
    Integrative Astrology
    (213) 955-5242
    Los Angeles, CA

    A holistic, integrative, and practical discussion of your natal astrological chart, which is a set of living, dynamic directions for understanding and activating your life's purpose in a way that feels authentic, productive, and invigorating. Consultations also lend insight into past and current circumstances in order to help harmonize your choices in the present moment with a larger view of your soul's original intention, thereby supporting the creation of a future aligned with your deepest sense of purpose. Consultations by phone for individuals and couples; see the website for more information on various astrological services.

  8. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Are you sure Myss is a M.D.? Everything I've seen says PhD.
  9. LaurieB

    LaurieB New Member

    THANK YOU, Juloo for catching my error! For years now I've thought she was an MD --

  10. houdekj

    houdekj New Member

    I had a hard time believing this was legitimate, but I was to the point where I was desparate. I found this woman in Iowa who does intuitive readings over the phone or in person. She really helped direct me to where I needed to focus (thyroid, adrenals, and yeast). Things have improved significantly since working on these areas.

    She does NOT heal though, she simply gives you a very thorough investigation of your body (which most lab tests are not designed to do). It is up to you to find a practicioner to work with the affected areas (or research treatment options on your own).

    Good luck! You won't regret it!

  11. luvnewcomb

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    Wow - Thank you everyone so very much ! I never expected to receive so many names, and explanations of what they do.

    When you say expensive, does anyone have ball-park figure of what they may have pay?

    Also, I may not be reading these properly as I'm not really with it today, but there seems to be a lot of interest but and knowledge but not many who have actually gone and been helped, except that both houdekj and rainbow11, you both seem to have gone to one, I think.

    Did they really help and are you cured now? I'm still confused, but at least see there a lot of interest and many who had a lot of info so they must not be totally out there.

    I thank you all and will need to think about this. Partly, I just need to listen to how my body feels, accept I cannot do as much as I used to, and be grateful for the few minutes, hours, or possibly days where I do feel a bit better.

    Thank you all -
  12. houdekj

    houdekj New Member

    My session with Terri Weibold was awesome! (please visit her web page listed in my earlier posting b/c it explains how it works).

    Her sessions by phone are $150 and that includes 2 hours of pre-work on the client, plus an hour on the phone where she goes over all the results. She definitely helped me a lot...the docs didn't know what direction to go in and she gave me direction! I am significantly better today, but not cured. I can do a lot more, walk, go out with friends, etc. Whereas before I was pretty much bedridden and sickly 80% of the time.

    The other thing that made me a believer is that she knew things that I did not tell her and that she could have not dug up on the net. For example, a scar on my left kneecap, a callus on my right big toe, specific childhood incidences, etc. It was unbelievable!!!!!

    Please give her a won't regret it!!!
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  13. marti_zavala

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    I would be very concerned if my doctor fell asleep. Self-medicating would be my guess. Also, adrenal stimulation sound harmful in the long run, I would stay away from that too unless he can prove with biochemistry what is wrong.

    I would be suspicious of medical intuitives.

    "There have been other conditions where the regular doc didn't have a clue, and the medical intuitive guided me to the proper area to have the regular doctor then check. Most times I get a confirmation from the regular doctor, then back to the medical intuitive/healer for treatment"

    If they are really powerful, why would you have to go to the medical doctor for confirmation....

    Check it out thoroughly before you go.

    Just be cause we have an invisible illness, doesnt me we don't get the regular stuff other people get. I think a good functional medicine Dr. could really help you or a DO or Integrative medicine.

    There are good drs out there.
  14. springrose22

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    What an amazing post! First of all, rheumies are useless as you can possibly get. I've been to two of them, and I swear they were beyond useless, and totally lacking in knowledge about ME/CFS.

    About two weeks ago I was in my local health food store and I noticed they had a new employee. I forget what I was looking for at the moment, but we got to talking and she told me she was a medical intuitive. Now, I'd never heard this term before so was somewhat intrigued. When I mentioned that I had ME/CFS, she immediately started talking about my "fatigue", and that I should take something to perk me up (can't remember what it was now), but I told her this would not be good for me because it was a stimulant. She couldn't understand why I wouldn't want to take it and I tried to educate her a bit about the dangers of using stimulants for most people with ME/CFS. Her knowledge of the disease was virtually non existent, and I got a feeling from her that her knowledge of other diseases was poor as well. Nice lady, but not someone I would put any faith in.

    If I were you, I would avoid rheumies for the reasons stated above, and I would look instead for a good naturopath. Don't look for a cure in your search for health, look instead for improvement. Marie
  15. Forebearance

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    Hi luvnewcomb,

    The only other person I have known who fell alseep all the time was seriously hypothyroid. If your doctor can't diagnose that in himself, I'd be worried.

    I've been to an alternative doc that sounds similar to him, and that was a very short relationship. He was too wacky and unhelpful for me.

    I've been briefly analysed by Caroline Sutherland, at one of her workshops. It was interesting. She told me to take Thytrophin, which has been helpful. But she never said anything about me being seriously ill. She didn't pick up on the CFS. And I didn't volunteer anything, of course.

    I think she understands people whose bodies work like hers. That is, people who are deeply affected by food. She's all about food intolerances and allergies. She can spot those easily.

    She was NOT trained by Caroline Myss.

    I think the quality of the intuitive varies according to the person.

    Now, I think Caroline Myss would be interesting because she talks about a person's emotional state as well as their physical state. But it surely must be extremely difficult to get an appointment with her.

    Wow, Terri Weibold sounds amazing!

    I don't know that I would find a medical intuitive that helpful now, because I think I know what is wrong with me. Unless I'm missing something, I've been diagnosed.

    But you never know. Maybe I'll try one again sometime.

    Good luck with your decision.
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  16. luvnewcomb

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    I do also go to my primary dr who is a DO and I find him more helpful, but my Rhuem is supposed to be tops in the field of FM and it helps to have 2 doctors who both fill out the yearly forms for my LTDI review. He has given me some good advise which has helped, primarily, his PA is very good and I find her very helpful, along with my PC dr I think I'll stick with that.

    I'm not sure I'm ready for the MI as I've heard so many differing opinions I'll stick with what I have for now. I've also been to a Neuro who attributed my Neuro problems to severe FM and told me to listen to my body and when I need to use assistance, i.e., a cane or even a wheel chair to do it. To try to get light exercise as possible and to see her once a year.

    I'm really so sick of this illness - today is a rough one, horrible migraine, and almost fainted a couple of times. Was supposed to go with son's fiance to help her pick out a flower girl dress for her 7 year old and I just had to cancel - I called my husband for advise as I was going to force myself to go with her (she of course was going to drive) and he told me to put me first and reminded me why I'm on disability because from moment to moment I don't know when a huge flare will hit, like today. Tomorrow my daughter is to come over with dinner for us so I can sleep all day and enjoy visiting with her, but I feel like such a disappointment to my soon to be step granddaughter and daughter in law. My husband reminded me it would be much more of a disaster if I were to faint in front of the 7 year old so I called and let her know I couldn't come.

    This is our life and why I ask about anything to help me feel better.

    Thank you so much all and goodnight - it's off to bed for me.
  17. inbetweendays

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    i have heard of them and energy healers---i think they have something valuable to offer---there is a good one who is also on physic detective---she told a story of a women with severe headaches who was bedridden all day and no one could figure out what was wrong with her---her friend called the medical intuitive and she told her to get the woman a standing mri---that she had a brain stem anomoly---turns out she was right and the woman has her life and sanity back---i would not discount that as a valuabe tool.,..although i am sure there are charletons out there---
  18. lbconstable

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    Had an appt. for the first time today with a medical intuitive. I'm exhausted, so I can't post much now.

    But she was right on. I'm pretty openminded, but I was quite surprised with her ability to accurately read my body. I told her nothing, about why I was there or symptoms. The first thing she said is, "you're fatigued." And then she went on to describe how I have difficuly concentrating and mental processing. She says the root of my imbalance lies in my digestive tract. I've done a lot of work there and it's helped. It seems I will continue my focus there.

    The cost of my appt. was $225 for an one hour appt. She was recommended to me by my nurse practitioner. Apparently she works with many doctors. She does phone appts. as well.

    LISALOO New Member

    would you mind letting us know who you saw?

  20. luvnewcomb

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    Hi -

    I'm confused with your post. Not sure that you're accusing me of trying to sell something, or this Teri somebody that you named your post.

    All I know is I was hoping to get some info on the subject because my Dr. told me he wants me to see one. I had to look up the subject on the internet to figure out what he was talking about.

    As far as my post, I'm very happy I posted it because I have so many differing opinions that my initial skepticism is even stronger now after hearing all this.

    If you feel someone on the posting replying is trying to sell someone, maybe you could be correct... if you're suggesting that was my reason for this post you are completely wrong. All I am looking for or was looking for was a little more security that I should do it. My answer is that it's not for me but am a bit sad that you felt the need to write what you did if you are accusing my initial post of something other than what it is. If your post is towards someone else who is choosing to try to sell, then I hope they get the hint.