Medical Intuitive???

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    Hi All-

    Her name is Jennifer Kaye Dickinson. I won't post her website in accordance with the Prohealth rules. But google her full name and her website will come up.

    She was very down to earth! I have been thinking about our session for the last four days. I'm amazed at how good she is. She was right on the money. I feel as though I've just saved a pot load of money trying to tie all the loose ends of my health issues together. I am going to schedule a follow up appt. to discuss what foods I should eat and what I should avoid.

    I saw her in person. But her brochure says that she works by telephone too.

    It seems my post was confused with another. I was surprised to see the subject come up on the day that I had my own appt. I'm glad you did post the query, and I'm happy to share my experience. I probably wouldn't have done it, except that my primary nurse practitioner suggested it.

    My nurse practitioner suggested that there were so many different options to explore in order to get to my underlying health issue. She felt that this woman could cut to the chase without going through a bunch of testing, time, & money. I went on blind faith based on the recommendation of somebody that I've worked with for years and trust.

    Hope my musings help!
    Love & Light...

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    Thanks for the name, I will google her.
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    That's really cool, Laurie!

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    I just checked the thread for new updates and I was shocked to see I'm being accused of such crap. I only have a few posts because I'm new to this website. I have no relation or profit agreements with Terri Weibold. I'm just a fellow sufferer like all of you, who thought I would take the time out of my busy and exhausting day to offer some help. Guess I'll keep to myself. You should be ashamed of yourselves for being so cynical! If this disease has taught me anything, it is that you should have an open mind!
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    Hi Houdekj,

    I'm not doing well at the moment, but wanted to at least write a note to you. I'm so sorry that your motives for posting here have been questioned. I read both of your posts and did not feel even an iota of suspicion about your motives. I considered both of your posts to be quite helpful.

    I hope this doesn't prevent you from staying on the board here and participating. I myself have an orientation toward alternative therapies, and would likely find your postings to be of interest. I also have some friends who have received significant help from medical intuitives.

    Wish I could think of more ways to encourage you to stay, but will close for now. I suspect many others will hope you stay as well. Thanks for your posts. :)

    Kind Regards,

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    thank you for those kind words.

    it really ruined my day yesterday when i saw that people were questioning my motives when all i was trying to do was share a positive experience that may inspire others.

    i am scared to post anything now, but i am still using the site as an informational search tool...lots of good info.

    thanks again for your support.

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    I can't believe I posted a question focused to those who knew something about something I didn't. As all of you, I take each reply with a grain of salt, knowing not everything that works for me, will work for you. But, not even knowing what a Medical Intuitive was I had hoped some of you who had gone to one could help with my decision to go, or not.

    I got enough posts with strong views on both sides to help me make my decision not to go to one for now.

    But, what I didn't understand was how my initial post as to what one was and how they do it, etc. for those who've been to one turned into a boxing match.

    Please, thank you for your interest and make a new thread of your own if you are to continue your fight. My initial question was getting lots of good input until the "question" came up then it was taken over by fighting and accusations. I guess in this world it's great that we all have our own opinions and motives, hence, all suggestions should be weighed and thought over.

    If I had a dollar for every friend, relative, and stranger who told me about some creme, juice, or pill that's a cure all, I'd be richer than all of us put together. We are all hurting, a bit sensitive and can speaking for me,a bit cranky from not feeling well - but, in the future, please leave your fights for someone else's post, like your own.

    My post went from very helpful answers to hurt feelings, defensive postings, and turned into someone else's thread and my question was lost in the smoke.

    Now, my cranky side - unless your post is to answer my question - NOT to apologize, be hurt, or accuse someone - I welcome your answers, otherwise keep your remarks to yourself please.

    Now I remember why it's been so long since I last posted.

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    Hello. My name is Jennifer Kaye, and I am the person the woman who initiated this conversation spoke of.

    I've been working for the past 15 years assisting both private individuals as well as licensed medical professionals.

    Health challenges are more than frustrating. It disrupts the entirety of the persons life as well as all those closely connected in their environment, especially loved ones. Seeking professional help is a personal choice.

    I wish everyone suffering from this hard to diagnose challenge, the best at moving forward each day. Some will
    move forward with baby steps and others sprints. Each person must move at their own pace, depending upon the other factors in their lives. Be kind to yourselves, and please be kind to those that put themselves out to share experiences that have helped them. Trusting the professionals you choose to work with is quite instrumental in
    the success of balanced health and well being. The energy is different for each person. Jennifer Kaye Website Photo with Black Glasses.jpg Jennifer Kaye Website Photo with Black Glasses.jpg

    In my opinion, the only asset we have in this lifetime is our energy, our health, and our mental/emotional well being.


    Jennifer Kaye