Medical Marijuana and your rights at the workplace.

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    This is a very interesting article about the legalities of having a prescription for Modafinil or legal marijuana and testing positive at the workplace. Some states protect workers and others don't which has created a legal gray area that has left employers as well as employees in a no win situation.

    My take is that it's probably helping some people continue with their jobs and if it is interfering with job performance, then that is disability issue and not a justifiable reason to have someone fired.

    Does modafinil make you high? I know this has been answered before but someone clicked the mute button on the remote control for my brain and I can't even remember if I just took my pain medication. I feel like I could smoke a whole truckload of the stuff.

    If anyone here is on this, I would suggest, if you already haven't, checking to see if your state addresses this issue. I don't know about contacting personnel, as that is how one person got fired.

    It really is a gray area.

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    What job doesn't require some form of focus? I believe that if the medication you are taking impairs your judgement, you're not doing your job effectively. Errors could be very costly, from the safety of well-being of yourself and other employees to liability issues for your employer (or again for yourself and other employees). I know of someone who sent an email, for instance, to people they did not intend to and it contained very sensitive information about themselves. They meant to send it to their HR Manager. They were on Vicodin.

    Alcoholism is a protected condition under ADA, however, it does not mean that it's ok to drink on the job.

    I believe we all have to take a bit of responsibility when it comes to medication that can impair our judgement when it affects others.
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    I absolutely agree with you. However, there are people who can do their work because of pain medication.

    These are the people who should not be fired.

    I think the article addresses this but I may be misremembering.

    Take care.

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    I guess it depends on the dosage, like with any strong drug. In Jamaica they soak marijuana in alcohol and take a spoonful for nausea and stomachache. I'm told it's very effective in this small dose. Clears a bad stomachache up and quickly. Then you have some of the Rastafarians whose brains are fried from smoking too much of it.

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