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    has anyone had a daughter or granddaughter that has an ovarian cyst or mass. my granddaughter has one thats 19 cm X12 cm . she came across it by a dr dermatolist who was looking at why she had pigmentation problems. so he wanted a ultra sound. so they found this. and now she has had a CT done as well.. they say it looks like a cyst. but can 't be 100% untill they go in.

    She is suppose to go on holidays thurs. and we have to wait for the surgion to see. but her family dr. says he can't see why not. they would do her soon as she comes back. because it will be the only holiday she'll have this summer..
    Want to know the kicker...She is 13 yrs. old, yes 13..

    anyone know of someone else so young and if they removed the ovary.

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    shows that polycystic ovarian syndrome is due to the hypothalamus gland not working correctly. The hypothalamus sends incorrect hormones and signals to the ovaries.

    A good NATURAL endocrinologist can probably help.
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    She was a couple of years older, but I remember that it was several pounds when it was discovered and removed.

    Fifteen years later...she is currently expecting her second son come mid-August!
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