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  1. Mrs. B

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    Is "the loss of the normal cervical lordosis, presumably related to muscular spasms" something to be concerned about? Is it repairable? If so, How?

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  2. tandy

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    I would think so......but "I'm not a dr.".
    I only say yes because I have alot of low back pain with loss of the lubar curve.When mine was finally investigated,they found 2 herniated disks.The 2 lowest ones in the spine. After 8 weeks or so of PT,3x per week, and traction, I was finally starting to feel much better as far as pain and muscle spasms~ I'm sure this is'nt always the case but for me there was a underlying reason.I remember my muscles there being so tight and pulled out of place that I was flat backed!!and crooked! it made my spine pull one way....into a curve.When I got to feeling better the curve is no where near as bad now~and the flatness is gone. best of luck. I went on to get neck problems later on so I know how you feel!!I get it now in both locations.(just once in awhile)
    Take care
  3. Applyn59

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    This concerns me as well. I was diagnosed
    with scoliosis about 25 years ago and in 91
    I had unsuccessful back surgery for a bilateral
    disc herniation with free fragments. I have been
    on SSDI due to this.

    A few years ago the SSA made me have an xray
    of my spine and it stated that there was abnormal
    straightening of the spine. I thought it was odd.
    My scoliosis is lower spine, c curve. I have horrendous
    neck problems right now and my chiropractor
    is treating me. I forgot all about this issue and
    should ask him about it. That is if I can keep
    up with all my problems.


    My neck curves forward a bit. Lying down flat
    on a surface is a stretching exercise for this.

  4. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Not sure what you mean. If you are talking about
    that hard as a rock temperapedic or similar
    pillow, I tried it and hated it.

    I cannot sleep on my stomach. That is the
    absolute worst position for anyone with severe
    back problems. Probably isn't too great on the
    neck , either.

    I wonder how those neck things are that you place
    your head in and it sort of cradles it. Not sure
    what it is called but looks like something of
    use perhaps.

    Make sure you are using a pillow under stomach
    between knees or under knees depending
    on your sleep position.

  5. Mrs. B

    Mrs. B New Member

    the man the evaluated my x-rays a month or two ago and sent his findings to the ruemy I was seeing. I felt uncomfortable with the ruemy on my second visit and he told me all x-rays were fine. After I decided not to see him any more I requested copies of my file and read it there. I'm still unsure what it is. I do have a lot of pain in my neck and a gravelly sound and feeling when I rub it as well as pain all the way down my spine. I don't see my reg. doc for another month and am really curious to know if it is something to be concerned about. In the past year I have bought a new bed and several new types of pillows. I do have some pain relief sometimes with those and meds.

  6. KayL

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    I've been in 2 auto accidents with 2 severe whiplash injuries. About 6 years ago, my chiropractor took Xrays of my C-spine and told me I didn't have the normal curve there, and it was probably due to the previous injuries. He showed them to me and there was no curve at all. I was also told around that same time I had the *beginnings of DDD*.

  7. Mrs. B

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    I have had neck pain for a LONG time. I was hit by a car as a child and was thrown as high as telephone wires before hitting the ground. I appreciate both of trying to help me get an answer because I have no medical background and no idea what that doctor meant. So, I will let you two sort it out then and maybe you can agree about what the doc said. By the way, when I had the X-rays taken they made me stand very straight and it was very painful. Since it hurt so much to stand that way only for a moment could that affect the results making them look normal when they really aren't? Thank you both for taking the time to answer my post and for your prayers.

  8. Mrs. B

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    thank you for the laugh. I can always use that and will share it with a few people too. :)


    Thank you very much for your reply. However, I have NO medical background and still don't understand if what this is something to be concerned about, if it will worsen or if it is repairable. I know that you are busy helping us all here but, I could just pick you brain for these answers I would greatly appreciate it. By the way, it was nice to hear that you enjoyed your vacation.

  9. Mrs. B

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    Thank you very much for the simple terms. Have a wonderful afternoon. :)