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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMsolider, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    I have/had a problem. Last night out of no where I got incredibly bad pain on my lower left side of my stomach - but, it was closer to my groin? Make sense? It was real bad! My husband wanted to take me to the ER but, I refused. ( Some of you may remember - summer - went in for chest pains and was called/treated like a drug addict/seeker, hypocondriac, mental patient, ect...)I do not want to do that ever again!!!Today the pain is gone. I should mention that I am menstrating - but, this was not a cramp...this was a sharp, acute pain kinda where my overy is. Thoughts? Anybody ever experience this? I am between gynies and a primary doc as well. Otherwise, I would make an appointment with them. Could this be something big?
  2. HurtsToMove

    HurtsToMove New Member

    many times in the past. Believe it or not, it was gas. Felt like a gallbladder attack. I had a habit of swallowing air when I ate, and this caused it. I've taught myself not to do this and I've never gotten that pain again.
  3. wish_to_be_healthy

    wish_to_be_healthy New Member

    All over my left overy...They thought it was Pelvic inflamatory disease, untill they went in and did a Laporoscopy, and confirmed it was endo...very painful!

    I was 21...they told me I should have children quick, or I may not be able to...I told them I wasn't with anyone at that time that could be a good I took my chances...Had my first sone at 31, second at 37!

    I would check with an GYN...Endo can show up at any time...but usually during child baring years...I didn't look at you Bio yet, so I don't khow how old you are.

    Also a Fibroid Tumor can give you pain, if it twists and bursts that happend shortly after my second pregnancy...


  4. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    ...I guess I have to break down and find some doctors, huh! Ugh! I hate being a incarnation I wanna be man! Thanks, for your thoughts gals. I can't imagine it being gas - considering it was such a small effected area. However, stranger things have happen. I did have cysts and such before my son was born and oddly enough after delevery they were gone along with pain. He will be 2 in March - guess it is time for another one. <J/K ...don't wanna jinx myself!
  5. poodlemommy

    poodlemommy New Member

    For me it was also gas or a hard stool moving thru my bowel. Bowel pain is very severe. There are times Ive wanted to go to the hospital. What I do is fill the bath tub with really hot water and lie in it and soak. The heat soothes the spasm (which is causing the pain) and with in ten minutes its gone. I also use an over the counter med called Phazym which gets rid of the gas pain. Hope this helps.
  6. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    I suddenly got really bad groin pains in the ovarian area on both sides. It was like I never experienced before & being used to FM pains, I didn't think it was FM related.

    Saying that I waited quite awhile to go to the doctors as I wanted to see if it went away.

    The doctor immediatley sent me for a scan which scared me a little.

    BUT the scan came back as normal - they scanned all areas including upper and lower abdomen as well as the groin area.

    So it was put down to FM! It continued for many weeks after and then went away! But has recently returned again for a visit!

    Also to add to that I've had some sharp new stinging pains in my vaginal area. I shall mention them to the doctor but I've a feeling it's FM with new pains to keep me guessing (I thought I'd had every pain there could be as well!!)

    Obviously get it checked out - it it doesn't feel like FM and is a new pain you must get it checked out. Don't worry what people think of you - you are the important person here who knows their own body!

    Good luck
  7. ritatheresa

    ritatheresa New Member

    It could just be a trigger point, I'm not completely up on all that but I usually get that kind of pain also, no rhyme or reason.

    I also had an experience in the ER as well, (where I used to work), it was awful. Same horrible treatment and boy I was suffering. I thought I was having a stroke my entire left side of my body went numb and they wrote me off as a psych case. What a shame.

    I don't want to bring up any bad memories for you but I can totally relate to what you've been through.

    Where do you live? You should definately try and find a doctor willing/able to treat you.

    Nice talking to you, take care, Ritatheresa

    By the way, you look exactly like my brother's wife, your eyes are really pretty!!![This Message was Edited on 01/12/2007]
  8. tandy

    tandy New Member

    mine is the very same as you've described.
    Groin pain,...and slightly above a little (ovary)
    low back pains.

    Mine was/is also due to Endometriosis.
    Only a Laproscope can confirm Endo.

    I had pelvic scans and ultrasounds that revealed very litte,... yet when they went inside my pelvic via the scope
    I was loaded!
    Endo is always worse when your having your period and when you ovulate.
    Its very painful.
    Mine got to the point where I was having pains like that 2 weeks out of each month~
    Best of luck
    yup,... I think you need to see a GYNO. (don't ya hate it!?) its always something
    Take care
  9. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    Thanks, everyone for sharing your thoughts and stories. I had a touch of these sytpoms today but, nothing like the other night. I am so dreading having to find a gynie and go thru those awful exams and what not. However, I know one thing - God/dess certainly has a way of smacking me of the head when I let things go on too long - health wise. A lil cavity goes unchecked with me for awhile and boom - it's emergency root canal,if I forget someone out there yell at me to get these doc stuff done!!!!
  10. dr32164

    dr32164 New Member

    I have issues with ovarian cysts bursting and the pain sounds very much like what you describe. Do you spot a little blood afterward? If so, that may be the cause. May want to mention it to your doctor.
  11. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    First of all you should really see a physician and I hope you feel better soon.

    Since you mention you are menstruating it may be Mittelschmerz aka Painful Ovulation -- here is a little information which may be helpful:

    Painful Ovulation (Mittelschmerz)

    Mittelschmerz is the pelvic and lower abdominal pain that some women experience during ovulation.

    (Ovulation generally occurs about midway between menstrual cycles hence the term mittelschmerz, which comes from the German words for "middle" and "pain."

    The pain of mittelschmerz can range from a mild twinge to severe discomfort and usually lasts from minutes to hours.

    It is generally felt on one side of the abdomen and may vary each month, depending on which ovary is releasing the egg during that cycle.

    In some cases, a small amount of vaginal bleeding or discharge may occur.

    Some women experience nausea, especially if the pain is severe.

    Who Gets Mittelschmerz?

    Many women never experience pain at ovulation. Some women, however, have mid-cycle pain every month and can determine by the pain that they are ovulating.

    What Causes Mittelschmerz?

    As an egg develops in the ovary, it is surrounded by follicular fluid. During ovulation, the egg and the fluid, as well as some blood, are released from the ovary.

    While the exact cause of mittelschmerz is unknown, it is believed that the fluid or blood may irritate the lining of the abdominal cavity, causing pain.

    The pain goes away once the body absorbs the fluid or blood.

    How Do I Know If I Have Mittelschmerz?

    Ovulation usually occurs about 2 weeks after the first day of each menstrual cycle, so the timing of the pain makes mittelschmerz easy to recognize.

    To help determine if your pain is related to ovulation, your doctor may ask you to chart your menstrual cycles, noting any episodes of pain, as well as the location of the pain (the pain of mittelschmerz usually occurs on one side of your lower abdomen).

    Your doctor also may perform an abdominal and pelvic examination to help rule out other possible causes of pain, such as endometriosis or a cyst on your ovary.

    If your pain is severe or if the doctor notices any irregularities on the exam, he or she may order blood tests or X-rays to help determine the cause of your pain.

    How Is Mittelschmerz Treated?

    The pain usually goes away within about 24 hours, so specific treatment is not required.

    Over-the-counter pain medicines -- such as Aleve (naproxen) or Motrin (ibuprofen) -- generally are effective in relieving mittelschmerz.

    Applying a heating pad to the lower abdomen or taking a warm bath may also help with the discomfort.

    Women with particularly painful ovulation may find relief by taking birth control pills, which prevent ovulation.

    Can Mittelschmerz Be Prevented?

    Preventing ovulation, which can be done with birth control pills, is the only way to effectively prevent mittelschmerz.

    When Should I Call My Doctor?

    Call your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms during ovulation:

    Pain with urination
    Redness or burning of the skin at the site of the pain
    Mid-cycle pain lasting longer than a day
    You should also call your doctor if you missed your last menstrual period.

    Feel better,

    Karen :)
  12. RedHeadEMT

    RedHeadEMT New Member

    Once again my buddy Karen, or kjfms, has beat me to the punch! :O) I would have to agree with her when she says that what you may be having is simple mittelschmerz. Please read the info that she has enclosed. I would really suggest seeing a doc though should the pain continue or get worse.

    Another thing that someone else mentioned is that this may be a cyst bursting or bad bowel issues. Either should go away on its own, but again, if it doesn't or feels worse, get your booty to the ER, screw the stigma! What if one day something really wrong happens and you don't go just cuz some nurses and docs are dumb and unprofesssional- YOU end up paying for it with your health!

    For what it's worth, I've worked at an ER, a local trauma center, and there are some crummy docs and nurses who are suspicious of everyone. I think for the most part though, most of us understand that there are often cases where western medicine just cannot come up with an answer or fix.

    You just take good care of yourself ok? I hope everything gets better.


  13. Char412

    Char412 New Member

    Hi Fmsoldier,
    I have also had these problems too. I would suggest that you get checked by a Doctor if this pain gets worse or happens again. I have had Ovarian Cysts burst and also had endometriosis both of which are very painful and bring on pain that comes quickly and sharp like no other. If you are having your period at the same time you may experience a heavier period then normal and have a lot of clotting that goes along with this. If so Please see your Gynecologist right away as this needs to be addressed and taken care of ASAP.

    I have also had Diverticulitis and Colitis that can also cause pain such as that and would also need to be addressed with your Regular Doctor. I ended up in the Er on Thanksgiving 3 years ago with this. I am so sick of all Doctors in the ER's treating us FM patients like NUTJOBS who can never have anything else going on. We deserve more respect than that and it doesn't show much for their Professionalism.

    I have had FM along with a slew of other things too numerous to mention for 12 years and it took 9 to get diagnosed properly which did alot of damage to me.

    Take care of Yourself and please let us know how you make out. We Care.

    Hugs to You!!!! Char412
  14. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    I and my sister have had these and it can be painful expecially during menstration.

    I agree you need to got to a doctor. it could be serious or a cyst but let a doctor decide that for you. I f it were to be a cyst they may put you on birth control to disolve it strange but it works.

    It is hard for doctors or medical professionals to be callig you a drug seeker or addict thats a sign of their ignorance and they don't know what to do for you. find another doctor who cares about your pain and wants to resolve it.

    as others have said could be a number of things but let your doctor take a look into the cause it may be serious or simple.

  15. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    I saw my Rhuemy yesturday and explained what had occured. He said it was nothing and to forget about it. Odd. I must say he is an excellent Rhuemy but, he attutidude on this bothered me. He said if it went away that is all that counts. Of course, I need to see a gnyie or a very well trained family practioner - either way ( pap and stuff is overdue) I just wonder if I am overreaccting to that incident. All I know is it was sooo dreadfully painful - and when us FM gals say it was big time painful - usually means,"normals," would have been in the ER wayyyyyy before us.

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