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    I have filed for SSD about a month ago. From all the posts that I have read I'm preparing myself for that "denial letter". I have been trying to do what I can on my "good days" to gather information and prepare myself. I have a supportive Doctor and have not yet been able to see a Rheumy. I do have an appt with one that my BP recommended, who is sympathtic to FM & CFS. I wanted to know if anyone has tried do get all their medical records themselves from prior physicians. Does anyone think that it would be beneficial? I just spoke to my current GP's office and they told me that SS will usually request a time period of records and the record department usually handles it without consulting the Dr.. I requested that they let my doctor know when SS request comes in so he can make sure that everything pertinent gets sent to them. I have brought a lot of documentation in at my visits to be added to my file. So back to the questions: Has anybody tried to get copies of all their back medical history?
    If so did they just send requests to each physician or use some other new fangled method? Last but not least, do you think it would be beneficial?
    Any comments and help would be appreciated,
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    About every 2 years, I request my records from my CFIDS dr and primary dr. My CFIDS dr. charges $25 but my primary doesn't. I work in insurance where we request medical records daily. I've seen horror stories of doctor's retiring and moving out of the country with their records....or their office catching fire or something...and unless they have them on backup (lots of doctors don't) you are out of luck.
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    My problems is remembering all the doctors. I of all people am little advocate of saving EVERYTHING, especially records. Can I find them know...NO. I think I have certain receipts and things that I'll be able to retrace steps and get addresses. Did you have any problem with the doctors using your form? I just had one tell me that they needed it on their form.
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    One is entitled to a copy of your medical records. Some doctors will try to tell you that they own the records. They do have a responsibility and right to maintain the originals.

    However, you are entitled to copies of them.

    They can charge you a fee to copy the stuff, and some can be real jackasses about it.

    If you are on good terms with your doctors, offer to do the copying for them, and pay for the expense, but relieve them and their staff of the onerous work. That may be a big plus for you.

    My rheumatologist was an excellent doc, when I applied for SSDI, but he hates Medicare and SS. He bellligerantly charges more for copying records than SS will pay. Each area or state establishes what they will pay for records and they cannot pay more. I did not know this and they are not permitted by law to request that the applicant pay to get the records.

    Therefore, they didn't get his records and I didn't learn of it for a while. I had such good documentation from the rest, and I went through a check list of tests and documentation which should be on the charts and verified that they were with the other docs.

    Be very nice and let any of the docs know that if SS is unwilling to pay enough for them to privide the records, that you shall reimburse them. Legally, the doctor and SS cannot request that, but you CAN OFFER IT. Make sure that documentation is placed on the chart so everyone in medical records will know.

    they will probably send requests to all physicians which you name on the application. If you have one who is hostile about the application, and won't be helpful, don't name them.
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    my experience was that i wouldn't get charged if they were requested by soc. sec. but would be if i requested them. On the other hand, it was beneficial for me to get them myself. i had a thick chart at my pcp, but the record i got was very thin. i asked to compare it to my chart. ther were four sections in my chart. the clinic said "we never copy those two sections and give them out"--nearly half the file. Of the other half that they did provide, they only copied the front side--don't ask me why. So how do you think soc. sec. would have decided on 1/4 of my chart, which didn't even make sense because it was every other page of one half of the chart? I suppose a solution may be to have soc. sec. request it, then go to the soc. sec. office and review it there to see if it all there. good luck. Jen102
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    and they can be very high. He suggested letting the SS people get them so I signed a form for them to do it.

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    I now make it regular practice of requesting my medical records. Most doctors will accept a letter from you with your signature on it. Some will pull that line - it has to be on "their request form" that is just bs.

    Many doctors require a payment for this, some do not. I have had to pay a fee from $25, $50 from my gyn (and I have a great relationship w/ him). I have had other docs mail me my records for absolutely no fee at all.

    My PCP who I thought I had a wonderful relationship with at first refused to give a copy of my records to either me or SSD!! Finally, after numerous requests from both my lawyer and myself (I personally stated to one of the partners in the practice regarding the head docs refusal to release my records)my records were released for a fee of $110!! I guess they charge per page. It took 1yr & a lawyer to get records, at least SSD has them now, and the compassionate partner in the group wrote an excellent letter.

    SSD will request records from every doctor that you put down. However, IF the doctor does NOT reply, SSD is not going to chase them down. THey also will not tell you who has replied & who has not. If you have an attorney, everything goes through your attorney first- then to Social Security. So if you have a doctor that needs a little prodding-your lawyer will help.

    Huckee, Best of Luck w/ your Social Security Appeal.
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    When I left my GP I asked for my entire records. They copied it and let me have it. Then: whenever I had blood work done I got a copy.
    Truthfully: it was nothing I did not already know, so I have stopped the practice of doing it anymore.
    With SSA they just have you sign a bunch of release forms and they get info from the doctors. Good luck and do not get discouraged.
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