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    I am going to try and have a baby. I am going to use a sperm bank. I have to have a medical release from my doctor and it has been two weeks today. Is there a time limit for them to fill out a release? I am so upset! I have called twice. The first time to make sure they got the form and they did. She was unable to give to a time frame of when it would be completed. The second time was wondering why I have received the release. The receptionist said that the computers have been down and she took my information. Still no phone call. Someone please help!
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    The doctors that I have will not sign a medical release or any medical form unless I were to make an appointment, pay the office visit fee, and I appear before the doctor at an actual office visit for the physical or whatever information that the form is requesting, then the doctor does the physical on me or whatever the form requires--then the doctor completes the form while I wait, photocopies it for his file and gives me the original completed form. It is one of the new ways that doctors get paid for completing forms. Call and ask if you should make an appointment.