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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by marsupialmama, Dec 22, 2006.

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    The doc has been trying me with different pain killers since the mobicox the rheumy had put me on wasn;t taking the pain away. (back pain, sciatica). Naproxen and Amytriptyilene (which I will never be able to spell) didn;t help, so at the last visit she said just take Extra Strength Tylenol.

    Well I knew that won't even touch it, so she said I can take tylenol #1 (available OTC without a prescription here. Tried that and lasted for les than a week. AGONY.and crawling up stair on hands and knees, and ended up in tears.

    Then I remembered. I had tried to do without the mobicox before and had the same result. Brain fog made me forget that for a while.

    So I called the pharmacy and there was one repeat outstanding, so I got it filled yesterday. I'm not pain free, especially when I go help out at school bazaars like I did today (I was the first volunteer to leave, I told them I had reached my limit...), but at least I can function!!

    I will inform the doc of this UDI when I see her in the new year.

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