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    I feel a need, for me, if no one else to post this. By now MOST of you know that I am deeply into alternative/integrative medicine...I have not seen a conventional MD for years except for the hip surgeon, ggrrrrr, that's a whole other story.

    Yesterday at bridge we had a sub in for one of our regular members and she went on to talk about Kaiser and how her mother (90 yr old) has been a member of Kaiser for mega years and her mother talks about the overweight people who work for would "think" these HMO's can talk to their employees about their weight and issues from overweight. Maybe they can't by law, don't know.

    Then another member who has been dealing with squamish cell cancers for years, having them cut out, then more develop, and now she has been thru 2 different "wound" healing places including hyperberic chambers which COST the HMO a lot of it's a wound MD and now she has decided no more cutting out the cancers, as the more that are cut out, the more they spread.....

    Anyway, she is now going thru some different areas of the HMO she is a member of: a Nutrition counselor and I believe this person is making things sink in to this lady as the last couple weeks she has not touched a SWEET thing (pastry) and before she would pile her plate and for months I've told her cancer cells love sugar....then I just gave up....but she is listening to the nutritionist.....I figure.

    Then she has had appt with a pharmacist to tell them all she takes outside of her scripts....well, the pharmacist said: "get off magnesium, you don't need it"....and also get off Omega 3's no need for them either.....I was about falling off my chair.....I said to her "did the pharmacist say, you don't need grape seed ex either"....and she said to him, she would not get off grape seed as it's kept her from being sick with colds, etc....

    This is the same woman who had an MD tell her that tums was a good source of calcium, and from so m any yrs of sucking on tums, she ended up with calcium deposits on her thyrid....and another HMO MD told her she needed to have thyroid removed....she found later that was a big mistake....

    Then another member piped in and said her pharmacist told her to get on magnesium and omega 3's.....this friend who will be 93 this year has been taking grape seed ex for about 4 yrs now and NEVER sick and keeps having us at her apt for bridge games.... she's amazing and runs circles around me and still walks around town.....

    Anyway, had to put this down here....and can only say, do so much to be your own doctor. And I understand that many here don't have integrative MD's and I am so fortunate to live where we have many.... jam
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    Listening to the Sat morning health call in show moderated by a conventional MD and station moderator....A woman called in, sounded 65ish or so and talking about all over body burning that came on not long ago...her MD's talked about shingles, she has no rash, just this burning and it does come and go and this sounds like flares of FM....the radio MD did not mention FM nor have her docs....her doces prescribed gabapentin and she said it did nothing, the radio MD said to talk to her doc about xanex.....all I could think was FM....I get that back burning flare and now pinpointing it KINDA to the showers I take that has fluoride in the water.....

    I'm faithful with Inositol and now Pharma Gaba from Natural Factors....

    So much to know and learn and so many don't know what can help them.....jam
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    Jam...I totally understand and concur with your posts. I do see a regular PCP, but he's fairly new to me...seen him 3 times in about 2 years. The only true reason I go to him is to get approved for updated O2 equipment and get one prescription (a cream)...and it's for an area that develops a rash that just won't go away. It, at least, keeps it under control. No doctor has tried to find the cause of this rash...ever! But, I believe it's from having to wear Depends long term.

    I've found most people are caught up in the "see your doctor" syndrome. They put full faith in their doctors/surgeons, pharmacists, the FDA, USDA and the CDC believing they are working for the public good. In truth, they are all part of the "medical industry". Being in medicine is no longer a "profession" said, it's an "industry". And, all of these organizations "work" for the pharmaceuticals/chemical industries.

    It's no longer their job to find the "cause" of an illness and halt that cause. It's their job to sell "pharmaceutical-based" products. These products include first selling a prescription to mask any problem. Then, they sell tests...tests of all sorts. Most of these tests involve radiation which can cause illnesses. If the tests show "something", they sell surgeries or prescribe medications that can cause other illnesses and further surgeries.

    When was the last time you ever heard of anyone getting a prescription and getting a refund if that prescription didn't work or caused side effects? Doesn't happen. "Here, let's try something else," is the standard reply. They never focus on finding the cause.

    I often wonder if anyone truly pays attention to the disclaimers towards the end of prescription ads on TV. Many side effects of these meds include cancer and/or death...yet, people ask their doctor about this med (recently, it's for clearer skin). Why end up with a disease worse than the problem? Blows me away.

    I recently had a long term friend experience cancer of the tongue. She's had surgery twice now. I approached her on the dangers of "plastics". I told her "my story" in hopes of getting her to stop putting plastics to her mouth. Instead, she asked her doctor and he told her "anything could have caused this". So, of course, she's continuing to expose herself (and her mouth) to plastic. She isn't even bothering to try avoiding it. All I can do is sigh. She worked for medical doctors most of her life and she's into the "talk to your doctor" mindset. Nothing is going to change that. Another big sigh.

    I could go on for hours, but if it's any consolation, I'm in your corner.

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    Hi Windy, good to read your rant it's mine also....we would have a lot lot in common if we sat down with each other.....

    You made the comment about getting our money back if something doesn't work.....that will be the day with pharma....on the other hand, I buy supps from 3-4 companies and they ALL guarantee money back if one is not feeling their supp is doing them some good...

    How true this is and I heard it years ago, people in china didn't pay their docs, who are govt paid, for services if the doc could NOT help them.....

    I've had such a mess from this hip replacement and now years later, I know the ramifications that could happen from these surgeries...could I have made it not doing the surgery, don't know, it's done.....I've spent so much money on doing repairs from this surgery....and even paying off the hospital for my copay, and after a couple years of payments for this copay and my anger of what I deal with, I've decided to NOT pay the $500 balance they want from me.....they have got to be dealing with 1000's who can't afford the gigantic hospital costs in our society today...

    I've paid my way all my life and at 76 soon, I am angry for one at the mega war bills we have and what my lifetime of taxes worked to generate. I'm so against wars and when I see these beautiful young people coming back with lives ruined, I get more angry at the decisions of the so called my debt to society looks like a dot....I have digressed...

    It's a big nasty mess in the U.S. and will we see an end, I doubt it...people are living in fear due to these horrendous costs...and declaring bankruptcy to be able to sleep.

    I'm not against people making a fair living but it's become a nightmare for so so many.

    I've met an online friend who was an RN for 30some years, she deals with RA and talks about she finally woke up to the conventional med world she lived/worked in for so much of her life...I've given her a lot of tips to try to help with the RA she is challenged with.

    I listen to public radio and we just had a commentary from Richard Wolff on the horrific medical industry in much that I know and learned some from him...

    I have a rash near my groin area of my hip replacement side and it may be from magnesium oil that I spray on my thigh. I keep it under control with A&D ointment and Zinc Oxide.....have no desire to see a doc for this, I'm my own doc so much.

    Good to talk to you and keep well as you can. jam
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    Ever since I got sick and came here in 2000, I have done my own research and tried many treatments including prescriptions and OTC alternatives. Trying to find a good FMS or CFIDS/ME doc is next to useless, especially in an HMO like Kaiser which, IMHO, is one step above a public health clinic. I have found docs who are specializing in FMS and CFIDS/ME who have helped me immensely. Even my first PCP when I got sick was interested in learning about it. I took medical papers and articles from our library here to him. If I suggested a treatment or med, he would OK it if the risks were small. I got better for all these things even before I did the peptide injections. My next two docs, including my current PCP, specialize in our illnesses.

    In my case, it has taken a combination of many things to get to where I am today. Rx's all have their side effects and most supps can have them too. We have to be careful what we take and in what combinations. We have to carefully weigh the potential risks versus the potential benefits. We have to watch out for ourselves because we cannot depend on our docs to do it for us.

    We also have to look at our healthcare plans to see if the one we are on is in our best medical interests. The staff model of HMO's is the most restrictive. All the docs and nurses are employees of the co. They own their own hospitals. Other HMO's have an approved network of docs from the community. An HMO/PPO is the best because one pays a smaller co-pay for in network docs but has the choice to pay more and see a doc outside the network.

    The point is that we have to take the lead in our own healthcare, with docs, with meds and supps, and with our healthcare plans. I've gotten more good info from our wonderful members here than I ever have anywhere else. Thank you all for sharing your valuable experiences and knowledge.

    Love, Mikie
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    My "awakening" to alternative methods started well over 20 years ago via a long term friend. But, I just dabbled in it since I seldom saw a doctor. Learned muscle testing but didn't practice it, etc. My days back then were so extremely busy studying "alternatives" took a major back seat. It had to. My true awakening to the medical "industry" came when I, too, was severely damaged by an inept surgeon. He damaged my diaphragm and a shoulder during what was supposed to be a simple lobectomy in my right upper lung.

    For two years after that surgery, I sought help but not a single doctor I consulted would help me. They all referred me back to this inept surgeon who would only prescribe pain meds. I was running in circles in such agony even today I don't know how I did it. My last resort was going to the Mayo Clinic in AZ. They, too, wouldn't help me but did diagnose FM (2 separate doctors). But, once I got that diagnosis (and got "labeled"), not one doctor has "believed" me regarding the damage. And, many I saw believed FM was "mental" (add Mayo in AZ into this mix).

    In my quest to learn more about FM, I found ProHealth. I mostly read and read and read. I realized 2 things...first, I've had FM since childhood and, second, I was not alone!!! Over time, I've joined other forums and learned soooo much. I then started taking charge of "my life"...refused prescriptions and OTC's, started eliminating processed foods (especially avoiding MSG and all its hidden forms), started avoiding petroleum based products as much as possible, yada, yada, yada. I went gluten-free. By following my "regimen", I can (basically) control my FM. By doing this, I can tolerate my damage pain far better. But, if I "flare", my life becomes almost intolerable.

    Like you, Jam, I'm in your age group (75 this year). You and I have watched "long term" how our food, health care and government has changed so much from when we were young. Since our health care has truly deteriorated over time, many (like us) have gone the alternative way instead of getting caught up in the health care industry. From my viewpoint, the fewer chemicals we put into our bodies, the better. This works for me (most of the time...I get whammied on occasion).

    I believe even our supplements need to be "simple". The fewer added ingredients, the better...i.e., my Vitamin D has only 2 other ingredients, my Vitamin C is in its "pure" form (a powder), my magnesium is a combo of magnesium and malic acid (a pair reliever). Those are my "holy trinity", but add and subtract others on an "as needed" basis.

    I seldom catch "bugs", but my DH gets flu shots and still constantly gets ill. He eats anything and everything "outside" this house, but he "has to" eat what I prepare unless he fixes for himself (which is never supper...our main meal together).

    My son is an R.N. (very specialized) and caught up in the "industry" thinking. When I try talking to him about his health (he does have issues), it's like he's patting me on my head and smiling...thinking "poor ol' soul". I'll be long gone before he realizes maybe his Mom was right after all...
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    I'm on other boards as well for the last couple yrs and we talk about is one of the latest comments on FM. I know my issue all began with an Emotional Trauma to my system in 1999, so don't know about the virus thing for me, but rule nothing out. Then, I went thru a physical trauma in the form of hip replacement in 2010.....what a scourge that has been for me.

    ((Re: [Iodine_OT] Gelatin & Leaky Gut
    No I don't make bone broth (only sometimes in the Winter) instead of that I get the Gelatin (green can) from Great Lakes Gelatin Co. (comment from one of the moderators of Iodine group)

    By the way, Fibromyalgia you probably know is caused from a Virus and certain things will help someone with that condition. Here is a good information page. A summation is at the bottom.))

    Windy, sounds like you are in of the BEST little books on Grape Seed Ex was written by Dr. Clark Hansen and last I knew he has an office in Scottsdale area......
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    At this point, no one knows for sure what "causes" FMS. It may be triggered by a virus but it can be triggered by a whole host of things. If I had a nickel for every article where some expert says he or she knows the cause of FMS...

    If a virus is involved, it is our reaction to that virus which is at fault. That said, I do believe that viruses can trigger a lot of illnesses. Down here in the jungle, we have a real risk with West Nile Virus, carried by mosquitos. That is why we have to spray for them with toxins which probably only make us sicker.

    Windy, my experience was the same as yours when I found PH. I finally knew I was not alone but among friends and I looked back and realized I have been sick since childhood despite my Mom and my doc thinking I was the picture of glowing good health. I've also realized that FMS runs in our family.

    Thank God for PH and all our members.

    Love, Mikie
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    Windy, my awakening was meeting my good friend in 1991....I had been in the alternative thinking anyway, but she was my mentor....she knew so much as she attended the Barbara Brennen healing school in FL yrs ago and also attended the Gerson Clinic years ago....

    Thru her, I found Alternative Medicine Magazine and subscribed to that mag for over 10 yrs,,,,what an education that was for me....the rest is now unfolding with the health groups I'm a member of including PH. No way could I go back to conventional MD's.....I had a long hard struggle for 10 yrs wtih an internist trying to get thyroid help, he never helped I went off on my own and my own mind thinking about it all....My osteopathic MD who I went to for years for my back put me on Armour, no labs nadda....the rest is's been an interesting journey. jam
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    Didn't mean to take so long to read your messages...busy week. To clarify, I live in OK and we drove to Mayo in AZ. It was summer there (July) and could get in quicker than in MN. I think of those days and was 110 (ugh!!!)...and, as I mentioned, was in true agony.

    Yes, there are a ton of theories on the cause of FM. In one of the forums I belonged to, there was a link discussing a new (at that time) DNA test which would show if you had an inherited sensitivity to chemicals/medications. (I know I'm not explaining that properly.) Most doctors prescribe the "normal" suggested by the pharmaceutical. This test showed if you needed a far lessor amount. I thought this was a major breakthrough and expected it to be a test offered by a PCP. Never happened...I've yet to find any PCP who had ever even heard of this test. My belief is the pharmas squelched order for docs to continue "selling" a prescription at their suggested dosages. If the med didn't work or made someone what!!! Sell another instead.

    I know I have this "sensitivity" even without the test. Just one example...I took 1/2 of a Percocet for pain after having my 2nd breast removed. I absolutely couldn't breathe!!! No one else was home and I couldn't move...I had to force my lungs to work for 2 hrs. before my breathing finally went back to normal (automatic...for lack of a better word). The other side effect was a severe flare. It was ice packs on my surgical scar that got me through the surgical pain.

    Jam, you mentioned no thyroid tests...just given a prescription. That's why I like this new PCP...he did run tests initially such as the "involved" thyroid (not just one but five) and others including B vitamins. No other doctor in my life ever did. Reading your link (scanning would be more like it), I learned from fertility specialists many, many years ago I have a "sluggish pituitary" (attempting to get pregnant). But, get this. Many years later I met a woman who did muscle testing and in a matter of minutes told me the same thing.:) She also suspected I had cancer long before it was ever found. I'm a big believer in muscle testing...but not by just anyone. They need to be well trained.

    I think we all have our "alternative gurus"...and we all learn from them. We all try to do what works best for us...we're all such individuals and we've all been grouped together under the term "Fibromyalgia or CFS" even if our difficulties are entirely different. It's become a catch-all for any doctor who just can't or won't figure out what's wrong.o_O

    I've tried so many supplements, it's ridiculous. I didn't have any luck with grape seed extract. I believe "my" form of FM is caused by a basic allergy to petrochemicals. Name a particular soap, detergent, lotion, make up, etc., I can't use them. I can't even wear polyester/nylon/acrylic clothing. Can't even knit using them. And, it's in medications (in some cases, as a preservative).

    I'm chuckling...I didn't mean to write such a long post. Now you know why I call myself "Windytalker"...;)
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    Windy, you didn't have "luck" with grape seed ex? I have NOT taken or purchased a allergy/sinus drug in almost 19 yrs....I started with Pycnogenol back in 1995 as we were told at a lecture, it "MAY" prevent cancer....that was music to my ears....I jumped on "P" and low and behold my lifelong allergies were about more drugs....that is HUGE.... I went to grape seed ex a year later for cost but I still take Pynogenol some days.....for many it's subtle, and for many it's was profound for me re: allergy issues....I never get sick and wouldn't think of a flu vaccine....never never......had one probably 30 some yrs ago and never since.....

    Yes, a D.O. I saw for my back issues for many years called in Armour, no labs etc....he knew.... before labs were in existence the older docs gave Armour for the long list of symptoms people came into their offices today, we are numbers......The D.O.'s "move" was after 10 long miserable years of labs and that "normal" mantra....

    Anway, that is it for now...gotta eat my breakfast soup. I sleep pretty late so breakfast is close to lunch. jam
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    I'd never heard of "P" before, so looked it up. Major antioxidant apparently. I gather it's helped your allergies but am curious to know if it helped your OA. It is sort of expensive so understand why you use grape seed ex as an alternative.

    My "breakthrough" supplement is Vit D (10,000 IU's) plus going gluten-free also made a major impact. The Vit D gives me a true sense of well being. Truly hard to explain. I worked my entire life "inside" and I'm not much of an outdoor person. I don't have Celiac's Disease...but I learned I do have a gluten sensitivity. Going GF has cleared up a lifetime of colon issues (about 75%) plus my OA has improved and seldom experience OA pain these days.

    Tell me about your breakfast soup...I'm curious.

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    I have a post here on my soups....I buy Progresso Heart Healthy or "lite" brands and doctor them up with fresh broccoli or asparagus or whatever other veggie one wants to use, add organic chicken breast or thighs which I saute first and often add a 1/2 can or so of organic pinto beans......this gives me a nice pot of breakfast soup for a few days or so.....

    I find "P" much cheaper and if you want to know where I can send you a PM, we can't mention where we buy supps here.....Did it or has it helped the OA.....yes and no maybe....the hip replacement MADE all my body worse in so many ways, that was in late 2010.... Body became so out of alignment from taking out parts, adding synthetic parts and hence shorter right leg and more, it's been a nightmare for me...

    Are you challenged with allergies/sinus issues? That was my MAIN issue all my life before these antioxidants....I called myself the Sudafed Queen......I have NOT purchased a drug in almost 19 yrs for the allergy stuff..... later. jam
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    Okay...thanks for the soup info. I can't eat Progresso/Campbell's/Swanson's soups. They contain a form of MSG...if not MSG itself...and I'm totally sensitive to that stuff. It causes me to have all sorts of problems up to and including migraines, depression, sleepless nights and restless leg syndrome. I've become an avid "label reader" as a result. I have to make soup from scratch and sometimes make my own stock. I need to make some stock soon...getting low. If I make soup, I start out with canned tomatoes (no MSG in most brands) and go from there.

    I do have a ton of MSG et mainly anything with a petroleum base. But, I don't have many actual "allergies". I did have problems this last spring from oak pollen and it was more intense that ever before. My neighbor suffers terribly both spring and fall...she complained this spring was the worst ever so I wasn't alone. She's very "conventional"...will take a med, but not a supplement.

    Years ago, I took Sudafed when I had a cold. Had to laugh...the young guy who does my nails just found Sudafed. He was thrilled. He also suffered from allergies badly this last spring. I know you understand...trying to convince a "conventional" person to take a supplement instead of a med is hard. I doubt he'd try P. Same for my neighbor.

    You and I both suffer from botched surgeries. They certainly don't make life easier...but that was supposed to be the original intent. Have you checked into any of those ads involving bad hip/knee replacement lawsuits?
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    Jam, you can say where you buy a supp, as in, "I get it at GNC." Or if you buy online, you can mention where. What you can't do is insert a link to that website or the URL for that website. I always suggest people look in the store here first but if something isn't available here, you have to buy it elsewhere. PH is always interested in supps which help our members so if something isn't carried here, e-mail PH and, perhaps, they will look into carrying it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Windy, there is no MSG per se in Progresso types I buy but some of the preservatives are not the best, BUT I'm tired of making from total scratch for my soups, so I add my for me....but true, less preservatives the better......tradeoffs.....I don't have the sensitivities many have here....maybe it's the years of grape seed or pycnogenol.... I have some friends who are very conventional and are now on grape seed ex and say they would never get off colds/flus, etc with these folks.... To me, taking as few drugs as possible is a great goal and achievement.... That's why I'm a board like ProHealth as they are a supp company....I would never venture to a drug support board if they exist....

    I may get back to making soups from scratch, some day again....

    Thanks Mikie on the info, I need to shop for as low a price as possible and still best quality. I spend a pretty large amount for supps as I take a lot... I have no side effects....if a supp doesn't seem to work, I move on to another, every time I turn around there is a new one.....just ordered a Advanced Tetrahydrocurcuminoid (curcumin) for's affordable for me and IF it helps I'll know in a month or two.

    Have been able to get back on Anatabloc which helped so much for 4 months or more and then it seemed to stop, so I'm giving it a try a good's an inflammation modulator....there is too much chronic/hidden inflammation in my body and all worse since surgery..... jam
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    Windy, I don't know that my hip replacement was's the outcomes we NEVER KNOW we'll end up with and don't think that deeply about what could go wrong or not heal in our bodies...The surgeon I had came highly recommended but again once they open our bodies and start taking things out and putting in other parts....oh brother.....never thought deeply about it before....guess I was in so much groin pain prior.....I'm not quick to do surgery.

    A friend's daughter who is 54 is having fearful thoughts about an elective foot "reconstruction" surgery she has scheduled....she worries about how she would be 10 yrs down the road....she walks and does things OK now, but is worrying in the future.....I told my friend, I would go as long as possible before any surgery.....that type of foot surgery is a long hard rehab and then the "outcome" we don't know....

    My mom would NEVER let any knife cut into her. She lived to 91 and had horrid OA but made it and no surgery.......jam
  18. Windytalker

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    I totally agree with your advice, Jam. I hope your friend relayed your thoughts to her daughter about postponing "elective" surgery as long as possible. I suspect the DD's main problem is pain...but there's no guarantee it won't be worse after surgery and rehab. From my perspective, most surgeons do the work, but after that, she'll have to rely on her primary or other med people to help her if she has worse problems. At least, that's been my experience. The surgeon is just that...a surgeon and the patient is just a number. Who's bitter...not me!:rolleyes:

    I was very naive when I was told I was operable. I didn't know I had a choice of who would perform my surgery. Thought I had to go where I was referred. Had I been more "aware", I would have researched and found "the best". But, that's water under the bridge.

    Your Mom was a very smart woman! My Mom worked for doctors her whole life (medical secretary) and believed they were gods. She was messed up badly by surgeons, but would never blame them. She had IMHO the "medical industry" mentality. I was that way myself until I had this horrible surgery and that's when I started educating myself. As the old saying goes...Wish I knew then what I know now.o_O
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    Windy, we have an issue going on in our city where a major hospital has gotten somehow in cohoots with a orthopetic group and the hospital is now "collecting" their share of the patients work done at the ortho neighbor is going thru this now with xrays done on her knee by the ortho group and then she gets their bill and a bill from the hospital for their "cut"'s obscence.

    Our LA Times had a major story on this goings on last week with a patient who went thru a similar thing and the hospital is billing her for their "share" of the orotho groups' work.....double billing.....oh, she had a HA knee injections, which cost insurance an arm and a leg....AND often do not work for the patient....I had this done two times, two series, and nadda help......just a lot of money for the medical worlds.....grrrrrrrrrrr

    Talk about bitter with this medical world.....I do SO MUCH as holistic as I can think of. jam
  20. Windytalker

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    I hear you, Jam...everyone wants their cut. I believe that's why most doctors do they can get a slice of the pie. When I have been hospitalized, doctors would come and go and I had to clue why they were there in the first place. But, when I would get my EOB's, there would be billings from those doctors. They weren't my surgeon, primary, or "gas man". Just another slice of the pie.

    Here's another complaint. Radiation/x-rays. This is constantly overdone IMHO. I've lost both my breasts to over radiation during my lung cancer treatments. But, every time I turn around it seems doctors need more x-rays for this or that (even dentists). I refuse them on most occasions. I know of so many people who have died due to over radiation during cancer treatments...not from the cancer itself. The medical "industry" just doesn't care how much radiation they expose their patients to.

    I also believe over vaccination is the main cause of autism. Some believe it's caused by mercury, but I, personally, believe it's caused by petroleum-based products used in them. Not one human is able to process petro chems...our bodies just don't know what to do with them. I hate the idea that so many children are "forced" to take vaccines!! And, they're now learning that many who do get vaccinated are still coming down with measles, mumps, whooping cough, etc. Drives me bonkers!! When my son was young, there weren't a bunch of vaccines. From what I understand, they've tripled the number now required.

    I read "somewhere" where polio wasn't a problem years ago. People used to get small doses of it and built up an immunity. But, when "public health" became popular and everything was "cleaned up", we no longer got those small doses and polio ran ramped. The vaccines have now eliminated polio...once again. Again, a small dose.

    Going to climb off my soapbox...:)