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    Windy, yes I hear you too....I have NOT had a dental xray in over 4 yrs or so...I refuse them....I have to sign that I refuse.....ummmmm

    I don't do mammograms, had 2 when I was in my very early 50's and no more, I'm 76 soon.

    On the autism, so much speculation of WHY....I've read somewhere it is the overuse of ultrasounds in the last 20-30 yrs or so.....none of these ultrasounds went on in my days.....the heat of the ultrasounds on the fetus brains....don't know, but sounds feasible...

    It's a mad world out there... out to play bridge so we can cure some of the world ills...

    One of my bridge friends has been having squamish cell cancers cut out of her leg for YEARS and with each cutting new cancers pop up....after years of agony and radiation, she has decided no more cutting...the new cancers are not popping up......grrrrrrrr
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    Good for you not allowing tons of x-rays...even by your dentist. And, speaking of dentists, I have problems with my gums (not my teeth). My teeth throb, they're shifting, and becoming loose. I learned via my sister not long ago that her oncologist (she had colon cancer) warned her the chemotherapy could cause gum (as well as heart) issues. Speaking to a friend about this, she led me to a web site that discussed using CoQ10 for these problems. I started taking it and my dentist was impressed. And, I had only starting taking it 1 week prior to my visit! I want to hold on to my teeth as much as possible...I can't wear dentures due to my petrochemical sensitivities.

    I hadn't heard of any connection between ultrasounds and autism, but it could be possible. What I had heard was overdoing ultrasounds could cause the baby to be born with hearing issues.

    I'm stunned about your bridge friend. That's amazing!! Makes the mind wonder, doesn't it?

    My husband and his family were big bridge players. Never one much for card games, I still decided I'd try to learn (I had to use "cheat sheets). But, every time we played and someone messed up, you wouldn't believe the language that flew across the table!!! I was stunned (they didn't yell at me much, thankfully) but decided it didn't make the game much fun. I stopped playing.:)
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    Bridge can get pretty testy, but it's ONLY a card game...TOO many take it too seriously. I like a good serious game, but I let it go when I go the challenge and find it so exciting for a "social" game....I've really worked on my game as I want to be as Good as I can be..... My ex taught me when I was 23, let it go for years after our divorce and then picked it up again in retirement.....great for a retirement "fill in".....

    I don't know how MUCH autism was back before ultrasounds but this could be an issue as SO MANY ultrasounds are now done..... There were MANY decades, centuries that babies weren't named before they were born!!!! I know long ago, pendulums were used to try to guess the gender of the baby....I use a pendulum for lots of my health info and other info I'm curious about, that may happen....

    BEFORE, I got on grape seed ex in 1995 and I lived in San Jose, CA, I remember clearly that I had some gum pockets up there,, when I came back to So. Cal. in 1991 and Found Grape Seed in 1995, the pockets are GONE....never to rear their ugly pockets again. You can find a lot of info on these antioxidants and gum health....granted I've never taken chemo drugs, not many drugs at all, but just saying...that goes for Pycnogenol and or Grape Seed Ex....I swear by these....

    I take 200mg COQ10, most days, sometimes I miss a day but am steady taking COQ10....

    Off to bridge today 2PM 8 person game am eating my breatkfast soup which I made from scratch a couple days ago, veggie broth, carrots, celery, onions and Parsley...a good detox soup.

    This is NOT a private conversation, anyone can join in...... jam
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    I agree...this isn't a private conversation.:)

    I have an acquaintance who is very active in autism awareness. She and her DH attend rallies, etc., even participating in the Great American Race annually to raise awareness. Her stance is also anti-vaccination. The next time I see her, I'll ask what her group thinks about sonograms. And, I agree with you (once again) that it was actually more fun "not knowing" the baby's gender before birth. People today already name the baby before it's even finished baking in the oven!!

    I feel sad for my DH. He and his siblings (plus their spouses) loved to play bridge...and give each other a truly bad time (as I mentioned). But, there are only of few of them left and none lived close by. He's resorted to playing bridge on his computer and plays it most days. We've never heard of any bridge groups in our area here in OK not even via the VFW.

    What are your dedicated supplements...the ones you take daily? Again, for me, I've found the fewer supplements I take (with the least ingredients), the better I seem to feel.

    I'm a big believer in "good" unsalted butter, extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil. I also use cold-pressed grape seed oil for frying things like chicken. It's the only oil "out there" I trust when cooking at high temps. It's pricy, but worth it. Plan to do a search to see if the extract and the oil have similar benefits.

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    Windy, you asked about my "dedicated supps" there is a Signature section one can fill in to mention what "they" deal with and other info to share....I have my "dedicated" supps there and then I am forever trying joint help supps....I haven't found one that works best, but Anatabloc DID work for 4 great months and stopped so I'm back on it after a year break....I mention Anatabloc in the signature section.

    It would be interesting to hear what your friends say about ultrasounds on pregnanent women and the autism connection....there are a LOT of links with this connection...

    I believe Some vaccines are necessary. I remember way back, it was before 1st grade that we had our vaccination. Today, I hear they are giving babies mega vaccines before a year old....I don't agree with that. One my last full time jobs was in an admissions dept of a private school and 2 children from a chiro MD family were not vaccinated...they were the healthiest boys..... jam
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    Previously, I mentioned vaccines are now (I believe) overdone. When my DS was was DPT (dyptheria, whopping cough, tetanus). Later, he got measles, mumps, and polio. Today's doctors want tons of them done not even considering the ramifications. Let's take the pneumonia vaccine for only covers about 5 strains. So, when a person does contract it, most often it's not even close to the 5 in the vaccine. They make people feel if they get this shot they'll never get pneumonia again. Not so!!

    I hadn't "paid attention" and now see you've listed what you take. Thanks for the info. I see you have thyroid issues. That's a battle in and of itself.

    For collagen support, I'll be picking up chicken feet in a few days. A friend is butchering (organic) chickens today and is saving them for me. Next time I make chicken stock, I plan to toss in a couple (after washing and sanitizing, that is). Both the Weston Price Foundation and Dr. Mercola recommend this. If I can avoid a supplement, it's a major benefit for me.

    At times I do wish I lived back in CA...more places to purchase organics, etc. They're not easy to find here without having to drive 2 hrs. one way and I'm getting so I don't want to do long drives any more. I think it was Granni who mentioned in a Porch post that Publix might be purchasing Whole Foods. Never heard of Publix before. Are they in your area of CA? I generally shop for organics at WFs when I go to Tulsa.

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    Publix is in FL and don't know if they are elsewhere, they are NOT in CA....we have mostly Vons/Pavillions here owned by Safeway.....don't know how true the publix/WF's thing is....

    Chicken feet are HARD to find, I was told whole foods had them, but when I asked at our local WF's they did not offer them......

    I have seen them in China Town, but I don't trust the food down there, plus I'm not up to a trip to china town.

    I am satisifed with great lakes collagen I mention and continue with it. I need things to be easy as I'm not up to driving all over the creation for my needs....I order online MOSTLY...

    On a recent trip to Bristol Farms for some of their "sales" they have a Wagyu (kobe style beef) and I bought some, omgoodness how tasty for this grass fed beef.....they also offer a variety of "wild game" meats.....I do like bison and buy it some times.....I do eat meat and enjoy beef now and then....

    For me, CA is the best place and although I was dragged here in the mid 60's from PA, it's so grown on me....yes, I'd love fresh farm organics but in the city it's not possible...there are community farms here and there in the city, but I never had the energy to go that route....

    My immune system is Strong, thanks to grape seed ex/pycnogenol so never even considered the pnemonia shot, plus my genes do not have broncal issues... later. jam
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    Thanks for explaining about Publix...didn't realize they were solely in Florida.

    Jam, you should have seen the look on my helper's face when I asked if I could have the chicken feet. It was a hoot!! I would never, ever find them here in a market. If she weren't raising chickens for butchering, I still wouldn't have access to any. She's also giving me the chicken livers. Both my DH and I like liver.

    Yes, it's hard to shop for special foods. You face similar problems I do...having to drive distances to get items. But, I'll be honest, fighting CA traffic can be a challenge. And, your traffic has gotten soooo much worse since I moved from there (27 yrs. ago). Here, it's mainly distances and whether my body will allow the time and effort.

    I also do a bunch of online shopping. If it weren't for the internet, I'd have no shoes or clothes...I'd have to run around naked and I even scare myself looking in a mirror...LOL. I purchase a bunch of gluten-free foods since I can't get it locally. It's shipping costs that drive me bonkers...but it's a necessary evil these days.

    My immune is also strong...I may have a ton of difficulties, but I seldom actually get sick. My DH gets the flu shot and still catches bugs. If I feel anything "starting", I grab my elderberry extract, zinc, echinacea, and add more Vit C. Normally, this nips it in the bud within 36 hrs. But, again...I seldom get sick.

    I did check out about grape seed oil...I learned it does not have the same benefits of grape seed extract. What a shame! I have a problem with most capsules...and try not to take too may supplements where they're used. My magnesium and Vit C are in powder form. My Vit D3 is a sublingual. The only capsule I currently take is CoQ10. If I consume too many capsules, my stomach rebels.

    You and I are of the same basic mindset...avoiding prescription meds and most OTCs...