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    Those of you that get SSD for CFS and fibro, does the medicare and prescription coverage cover most doctors and drugs? What typles of services do you find that medicare does not cover?
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    anyway. I just recieved my first booklet about medicare coverage yesterday and I have the same questions that you do. There were phone numbers on everypage to call and get answers. Did you try that? I have insurance from my old job and I would like to know if medicare B would cover the co-pays on my 30 prescriptions. That is 300.00$ per mth.

    Didnt you get a booklet? I was approved for SSDI in Nov and just recieved the medicare info yesterday. It said that Medicare A is for hospital and nursing home care and part B is for one physical as a welcome to Medicare and drug help and then you can get a 3rd part to help more. I think it said that Med B is 93.00$ a mth and that would be ok for me if it would cover my copays. I already pay almost $400.00 per mth for my insurance from my pension disability.

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    Medicare Part A covers most of your expenses if you are hospitalized.

    Medicare Part B covers physicians' fees and lab tests. Doctors can choose to accept Medicare's payment in full, or to pass more of the cost on to you. They can also choose not participate in Medicare. Make sure yours does, or be prepared to pay out-of-pocket.

    Medicare Part D covers most prescriptions. There are many prescription plans to choose from. On you can type in the meds you take and it will give you a set of plans sorted by price.

    Medicare generally does not cover alternative or cutting edge treatments, unfortunately. And, of course, herbs and supplements are not covered.

    I hope this helps.