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    Does anyone know if you do the inferior stool
    testing in the local hospital and then want to do
    the Great Smokey labs if it will cover both if they
    don't overlap in what they are looking for?

    I know medicare covers both places,just
    not sure if they will allow both.

    I just called Great Smokey and they are so nice.
    She just old me what my chiro did that if he
    orders the test it won't be covered but if my md
    does, it will.

    I don't get the opinion that this dr. I saw last
    week will go for someone like me telling her
    that Great Smokies is the best stool lab in the
    country. My cousin works in the GI office
    where I can't get an appt until the end of
    AUgust and she has never heard of it either.

    Lynn[This Message was Edited on 07/16/2003]
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    I have private insurance and it covers only my blood work done through Quest and part of my mycoplasma test; all other labwork, including the tests from Great Smokies, isn't covered.

    I wanted to add that it would be wise to get a dr. who is already familiar with G.S., because the stool test alone is not going to solve all your problems. I got rid of the bacteria and brought the yeast down to a balanced level, but I still had a long way to go to get to the place I'm at now. My adrenals played a big role in my IBS, but so did nutrional imbalances, I'm sure.

    Wish I knew the medicare answer,
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    I spoke to Great smokies today and she
    said that medicare is covering tests that are
    ordered by Md and DO/s etc. She didn't know
    about whether medicare would cover it after
    hospital tests.

    Guess I will most likely do the hospital ones until
    I can get the others. I don't know. Too much
    to worry about right now.

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