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    I've been trying to get information on just what the plan includes. I found this article this am...... I HOPE the disabled are included as well as the seniors, Although the disabled aren't mentioned, I would assume all medicare receiptiants are included.

    I feel forced into poverty as it is.... My SSD income is just above poverty ( about $8,900 for individual) so I don't qualify for other assistance like food stamps. And since I'm under 65..I don't qualify for senior citizen perks. You have to be over 65 to get supplemental insurance.

    Here is what we are potentially looking at...........

    Under the bill, beginning in 2006 seniors enrolling in a PPO would have a portion of their prescription drug costs paid as part of their overall coverage.

    Seniors remaining in traditional Medicare could purchase stand-alone coverage.

    The bill's sponsors said that for the first year, the premium is expected to be about $35 a month, and seniors would be obliged to pay the first $275 in costs.

    Insurance would pay half the cost for expenses between $276 and $3,450. There would be no coverage between $3,450 and $5,300, and insurance would pay 90 percent of everything above that amount.

    Low-income seniors would receive government subsidies, which would gradually phase out before disappearing at 160 percent of the federal poverty level. Those levels are $14,764 for an individual and $19,766 for couples.

    At the same time, the bill would pave the way for annual increases in the deductible for Part B Medicare — which covers doctor and out-of-hospital services — beginning in 2007. The current $100 level, unchanged since 1991, would go to $125 in 2006.

    ******** so at $35.00 a month..... the plan would cost us $420.00 dollars a year. We pay the first $275 and half the cost up to $3450......( $1550 out of pocket so far) Then coverage ENDS till $5300 is reached. (add another $1850)

    ********so medicare will pay 90% of drugs after $3400.00 annual out of pocket

    ********also note that Plan B deductable will rise another $25.00 per year. They already raised the premium last year from $50.00 a month to $58.00...and yet cost of living increase was under $15.00 for most.

    Kind of a nutshell game of sorts......
    I know it will help those spending tens of thousands on meds......but I don't see it benefiting me...esp if the disabled are excluded......... no surprise...DJ
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