Medicare or not???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FM58, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. FM58

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    Hi Everyone,

    Well, I was finally approved for Social Security (horaay!)& they automatically started deducting the Medicare fees from my check.

    Well of course I have receive NO information regarding Medcare, or even a Medicare card. I went to the local SS office & inquired about withdrawing from Medicare. I told them I never received any info or a card. They gave me a book, and actually sent me a card.

    Now my dilemma. I am covered through my husbands insurance. However, it seems, more & more of my sprcialists are either pulling from our insurance or not in it at all.

    So should I take Medicare as my primary insurance? Then use hubby's as my secondary? Right now my co-pays are $20 for a specialist in network. Will I be hurting myself by taking Medicare? I already know that there are doctors that I want to see that accept Medicare.

    Now how about the last few months - I have been saying that I only have 1 insurance - my hubby's. Will they come back after me to collect on Medicare first- even though I did not realize I had that insurance?

    Please HELP-- I am sssooooooo confused!!!

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    they have been taking money out of my ssdi check since novmember last year...i hadn't evn had a medicare card...

    the advice i could give you is for one...i do not know if you have a more than 3k in then if not your state will pay your 88.00 dollars a month, eventventully...then you will get reimbursed...

    but if have liquid assets that you do not want to get rid of quickly like 401k or stocks...and your hubby and you are living may consider not picking medicare at this time..

    but go to up the medicare many still need to sign up for plan d...

    this stuff is so confusing and every state or parts of states are handling it differently...

    so you could call the 1-800# and find out what is available in your area for insurance...and they could better explain how things work for you...

  3. FM58

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  4. kjfms

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    Here is the site for people with Medicare.

    Call them (you should have their toll free number in you Medicare information packet) they have qualified people who will be more than happy to assist you with any and all of your questions.

    Each persons situation is a little different and you should really speak to qualified persons on this matter.

    Nothing against anyone here, it is just that the people at Medicare can better help you make this decision...IMHO

    I call them all of the time on concern for my mother and they have always been very nice and very helpful.

    Here is an interactive Medicare site which may be of some help also.

    Good luck and have a good day,

    Karen :)

  5. findmind

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    Good answer, Karen. The websites and calling them get you the best answers.

    I would also read the 'Care book slowly and carefully.

    I keep my medicare even tho' I get FREE care at VA, because sometimes I don't like a specialty clinic and want to go to a private dr. I select. So I pay for that, and prescriptions, if needed, plus the annual deductible before 'care pays...and then the balance if the dr. does not "Accept Assignment", which is tricky...

    If a dr. will "A.A.", you pay 20% of drs. fees, 'Care pays their portion, and the dr. "writes off" the balance. This gets them about 65-75% of their charged fee, usually.

    I always ask every Dr. if they will "A.A."/only the dr. can tell the office personnel how to handle your account (its their fee, afterall).

    Your situation is special, if you're covered under husband...but think ahead...terrible things are happening in this country...what if his ins. is stopped or lessened in any way?

    I'd rather be "covered" from all angles than find out I should have done something and didn't because i thouht I was safely covered.

    Good idea, call 1-800-772-1214, and do the interactive thingy at

    Good luck!
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    My sister told when I get approved (hoping) that I should get the medicare even though my husband has insurance to cover me because for one it will cost more later if I want it. So its better to get it now she told me. Something about later it will cost like $10 more a month. Plus never know if something happens to hubby or his job.
  7. kjfms

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    for Patty
  8. JLH

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    Here is my situation .....

    I was never covered on my husband's insurance because I worked and had my own -- and it was cheaper.

    So, when I retired, I retained my insurance coverage as a retiree.

    A year after I retired, I applied for SSDI because I was only 49 at that time. I was approved for SSDI. After my 2 year waiting time, I was eligible for Medicare.

    Even though I had excellent coverage, I chose to apply for Medicare as my primary insurer. Now my company's insurance is my secondary. My company's plan only charges $10 for an office call.

    So, Medicare will pay for everything that it covers, then it automatically goes to my secondary who pays for everything but my $10 copay.

    I did not elect any of those Medicare plans that had the prescription plans because my company insurance has a great prescription drug plan.

    There have been ocassions where Medicare pays for stuff that my secondary does not. Now, anything that Medicare approves, my secondary must approve.

    If you do not choose Medicare now, it will cost you more if you decide to later.

    Since it is your husand's plan that you are covered under, I would choose Medicare, that way you have 2 forms of coverage. Some companies in the US are recinding the insurance benefits to company retirees. I don't know what type of company your husband works for--they could choose to do this 5 or 10 years from now, even if he has been retired from some time.

    I don't know if my company will do this in the future.... but if they do, at least I have Medicare. I am only 55 years old, so Medicare is only available to me due to disability.

    Medicare's drug plan isn't very good unless you don't have any coverage at all. So you DON'T HAVE TO say yes to it, but I would take both Part A and B which is the medical and hospital.

    This is only my opinion.


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