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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. rosemarie

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    I will have to pay $96.40 per month for part B medicare. I am trying to find a good plan PPO/Hmo that I won't have to pay extra for it. I am only 52 now and since the ecomony is like it is I have been advised to get on medicare now. I am having my hubby help me with it as he can talk to a friend who's hubby is also on medicare and disabled so I am hoping that between what he learns from Lara and what I learn from my research I will be able to find a good plan that won't cost me any thing extra above the monthly payment.
    I was hoping that I would be able to get some assistace with the monthly payment but when you add in what my hubby makes, his retirement 401K , we make more than the allowed. So my check is going to shrink greatly.

    My hubby is worried about his job he works for a company that builds indusiral buildings, {Walmart warehouses ect} They build the structral steel part of the building. But since gas costs sooooo much it makes every thing else cost more. So since his job is one that could be cut if the economey gets bad he could be laid off. So because of all the illness's I have had and now the disabilty { fibro, arthritis, bad discs, bad knee's need replace ments.} he feels that it would be best for me to stay insured and that means going on medicare part b.

    It scares me as I know so little about it and I have been checking things out but it is so hard to get ahold of a real live person to discuss this situation with .
    Wish me luck.
  2. lillieblake

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    I am not sure how insurance works if you are on disability, but in Michigan, no one can be turned down by Blue Cross, you might check that out, it could be less expensive than Medicare.

    Also, if your husband works, is he covered with insurance? If he has to pay for it, it might be possible to switch from the company preferred policy to a Blue Cross policy for both of you, and it might cost less than what he pays now and what you would have to pay for medicare.

    Just some thoughts - while my head is working!

    Good luck

    Love, Lillie
  3. texangal81

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    If your husband is currently insuring both of you at his job and gets laid off, they are required by law to provide the same coverage for the next 18 months. However, you have to pay the entire cost and it can get pricey. Most individual insurance plans are expensive for even the basic coverage and many won't cover pre-existing conditions for the first few years. I went through this with my ex-fiance when his COBRA benefits ran out. I wasn't able to insure him on my plan because we weren't married, and getting married for health insurance seemed extreme!

    Based on the experience I had finding individual insurance,your husband might be right. $96.50 might seem like a lot, but compared to what you might pay on the street, it might be the best option.

    Good luck, healthcare in this country is so screwed up. I'm blessed to have work for a great company with wonderful insurance. I drag myself in even when I feel like death warmed over, because I can't afford to lose the benefits.

  4. marti_zavala

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    I pay my medicare (I thought it was 93.50 but I might be wrong) and I got an advantage plan through Texas Healthspring so I get Parts A (hospitalization), Part B (doctors visits) and Part D (prescription). Of course, I pay copays to see docs ($10 for primary and $25 for specialists.

    There is a small deductible each year about $161 or so.

    It is a great plan, in my opinion.

    Call Medicare and ask to be referred to a specialist in your area that will sit down face to face with you and help you navigate. Also, I used the website plan finder to go through the various options. At first, it seems like a lot, but the plans start to distinguish themselves after a while.


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