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    Medicare Part D-rx drug question

    I am so confused about this new medicare offer. I currently have medicare a/b and blue choice. I do get help from my state to pay the part b deductible. I pay the $37 a month for the blue choice, which ONLY covers generic drugs. Now I did get a letter in the mail stating that because I do get the help paying the part b I will be elgible for $2 generic drug and up to $5 non generic drug coverage. How do I get this coverage? Do I need to switch from the blue choice I have now to a different plan? I don't have the medicare rx card.

    Hope you can understand this.
    Thanks for your help...
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    Hi Fibrotina. I found this about to slip off the bottom of page two with no replies yet.

    I'm bumping it back to page 1 in case Badluck wasn't online yesterday.
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    Thanks... just bumping too...
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    Sorry I missed this the other day. I'm not here as much because I'm always exhausted from the full time hrs.

    Who is the letter from? Is it from Social Security or your state assistance office? Social security has an assistsance program for anyone who is within their guidelines (income for a single person is about $14,300 or less per yr and married couples can have about $19,500 and assets are $11,500 single and $23,00 married-this does not include your house where you reside or your car, but includes any secondary property, stocks,savings, etc). You can call for an application @ 1-800-772-1213 M-F 7am to 7pm.

    The aid from SS can be used to enroll in a RX drug program, can cover deductibiles, and/or can cover out of pocket drug costs.

    Unfortuneately, if it is from your state agency, I would suggest calling them for an explanation. Since Medicare is not actually offering the drug plan (they contracted with private companies like Aetna, Blue Cross, etc) each state is different, heck it even varies within some states. You will probably need to speak to a plan administrator anyhow, because some plans (including most discount plans like the "BlueSaver" from Blue Cross in FL) are being eliminated due to the new Part D program.

    Since I don't know which agency sent you the letter, the best I can tell you is to call the customer service # on your "BlueChoice" card. I know BCBS has a lot of extra people trained just to answer questions like this and I think "BlueChoice" sounds like BCBS. If you can give me more info, I can check it out @ work and get back to you.
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    For the life of me I cannot find the letter I got so I am not sure where it came from. I have been in such a fog lately and can't comprehend much. I save everything of importance, guess I just don't know where I saved it!!

    Yes, the Blue Choice I speak of is BCBS of the rochester ny area. My insurance is actually called Excellus Medicare Blue Choice Optimum.

    I am going to call the 800 # for the Social Security Assistance Program Application you mentioned and see what the can tell me. I will also have to call my state aide that pays my medicare part b and see if I can get this all somehow mashed into my brain.

    I appreciate your time you took to reply.. much more than you can know. Thank you so much.

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    If I may make a suggestion: get someone at home or a friend to help you with this important call. I have days when I have trouble understanding information.

    I feel so stupid sometimes. In my working life I was a teacher,now I can't comprehend somethings the first time explained,esp. on the phone.

    Good luck,Marie
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    Thank you for the suggestion. I have recruited my mother to help me out!!

    I wish it wasn't this way but because it is I am glad to know I am not the only one who has problems understanding things. ;)

    Thanks again,
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    You may have problems with "fibro fog" but the problem here is the gov't. I'm actually working for BCBS of FL and I live in PA. Because Medicare contracted with private companies, the plans vary from state to state, even though BCBS is one of the carriers contracted to provide coverage, each region they are approved in has different plans. Medicare just said "match or beat these guidelines" and did not mandate any uniform plans.

    I did some checking with the info from your 1st post and it looks like this reduced cost RX offer is through a state agency. I checked the website for Excellus and there are no mentions of medicare part D which tells me they are not approved to offer the new RX drug coverage. You should find a list of qualified providers in the back of your "Medicare and you 2006" book. If there is nothing listed, your NY state assistance agency can get you a list. Many companies are providing free workshops at larger pharmacies like Walgreens, etc to answer questions in person, so that is a good choice too.

    Finally, if you call 1-800-4PPA NOW, you can probably qualify to get some or all of your meds free. They are almost like a clearing house-if you meet income guidelines, they send you your prescription from supplies they get directly from the manufacturer. Sorry I wasn't able to help you more, but I'm going to be trained on additional BCBS programs soon, so I'd be happy to help if you have any more questions. (If this WAS any help-LOL.) Good luck!!!
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    It was very helpful. Thank you so much for taking time out of your personal time to help me out. I plan on making some phone calls. I had no idea there would be anything set up for one on one questions anywhere... great info. I'll be checking into that also.

    I also went to the website and you can fill out the application for help with medicare prescription drug plan costs and they can assist you after they get all your information.

    I hope I am not the only one who found your answers to be useful!!!

    Again, I so much appreciate all your help!!