medicare question related to private insurance

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    I am insured thru my husband's insurance thru his work. I became eligible for medicare, but accepted only the mandatory hospitalization insurance--can't remember if is part a or part b at the moment. Since then, my insurer (thru my husband's work) is denying medical claims until it is run thru medicare. Is this right, or is this the run around and I need to straighten it out? Why would everything go to medicare when I have only the hospitalization coverage? Thanks for any help. Jen
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    since you already have primary insurance in lyour name, they will bill your insurance first then bill your husband's insurance.

    that is how we did it on dental insurance.

    so i am sure it is the same with medical insurance.

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    I worked for one of the top 3 Health Insurance companies in the nation for 20 years..
    Jodi is absolutely correct. Medicare is your primary, but Medicare A is hospital, Medicare B is Professional. Where did you see the MD? Clinic, ER, Urgent Care Center, Outpatient facility?
    Generally, they bill Medicare first, and your secondary next.
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    I wanted to be equipped before i called the insurer. I read the policy and it appeared that I could remain insured by my husband's employer and the insurance would be primary and medicare secondary. I called the insurer this morning and they said it was their mistake, and that the insurance is primary, and medicare secondary. this will eliminate an additional layer of processing--yeah! I really didn't have the ability to deal with more paperwork and appreciate this outcome--hope there are not more snags along the way. Jen