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    For those of you who are taking enormous amounts of meds, you should subscribe to a newsletter called "Worse Pills, Best Pills". They examine all medications with backing research and trials and discuss the dangers of some and the benefits of others, as well as cross-reactions and side effects. The website is: (Edited to remove URL), it was originally started by Ralph Nader. Some of you could be making your health much worse!
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    I was researching neurontin for preventing migraine, when I came across this one. I decided against it because there was an excellent article describing a lawsuit against the makers of neurontin, and other sites suggested that it was a poor choice for migraine prevention. I chose one of the other drugs which my neurologist suggested, Topamax, which came up roses in my research. However, in my later research, I decided to take neurontin for pain reduction and sleep improvement, which I researched on the immune support site and from posting questions right here. So anyway, I am happy with neurontin but I am glad that I didn't take it first for migraine prevention.
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    If you do a search on "Worst Pills Best Pills," I'm sure you can find the website. I own the book, but the problem is, of course, that a book cannot be updated for new drugs.

    Like all other medical advice, the opinions of this group may not agree with other experts in medications. At least, though, it's not info produced by the pharaceutical industry.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, I guess I missed that rule.....sorry about that.

    In respect to the validity of the information in that newsletter. I would tend to agree with Mikie in regards to the factual content and would tend to believe it because they are not linked to any drug companies and it's based on research findings and common sense.

    Just do a search on public citizen or worst pill best pills.