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    Its been a while since logged on to the message board. I have a ? for anyone whom has tried the medication Lyrica my Rhuematolgist is having me try it. I have been on it for about 4 weeks and don't see any changes all I get is a very dried mouth. Is anyone taking any meds that actually work or at least make some the pain tolerable. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks Jackie
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    I take Lyrica 150mg twice a day. It took almost two months to see anything, but I finally have some relief. It does not do it all by any means, but a little is better than none, especially since my doc is resistant to opioids. (I spent 6 weeks in the hospital being tapered off them after I accidentally overdosed twice.)

    Anyhoo, give the Lyrica a chance. It takes time to work. I'm so glad my doc talked me into taking for another month.

    God Bless.
  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    how do you accidentally overdose on opoids? I'm just real curious becuaese I've accidently taken too much and felt real crappy, but that's when I started to write every dose on my calendar. I'm not sure how you could take so much you actually overdose.

    Haven't tried Lyrica and don't want to. I alternate 2 different narcotics, but take them just as needed. No magic bullet and sometimes just takes the edge off, but sometimes its pretty good. Pacing, a decent diet and gentle exercise seems the best overall, and knowing I have my pain meds if really needed.

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    It's actually not that hard. The first time I took 30 days worth of pain meds, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, etc. in 8 days. I'm lucky to be alive. I had just lost my son and then had neck fusion done. I was stuck in a neck brace for 6 weeks and could hardly move. I'd wake up, reach over and grab a few pills to knock me back out again. I didn't even realize what I was doing, I was in so much pain (emotionally and physically) and so out of it.

    The next time it was really the doc's fault, although he wouldn't admit it. I was taking 90mg morphine every day. After three months I was hallucinating. Hubby came home and found me on the floor of the bathroom, only semi-conscious. The doc told me I was taking too much...duh! But I was taking what he prescribed.

    It was a year later that I decided I needed help, though. A year of lying, stealing and generally scaring my loved ones half to death with my "antics". When I realized what I was doing, I realized I needed help. I couldn't do it on my own.

    I hope this helps clear things up. I know it doesn't happen often because we rarely overuse narcotics, but it does happen. It's when we abuse drugs that we become addicted, not with prescibed usage.

    God Bless.
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    Hi, I have had terrible pain all of the last 13 yrs. of my life and I can sympathize and also see how this can happen when you said you accidently overdosed. Sometimes we don't all have the same senario--so I don't forget we are all unique individuals WITH DIFFERENT PAIN LEVELS AND ALSO SOME OF US ARE DEALING WITH MULTIPLE PROBLEMS. I wish you the best .
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    I too have had some close calls.I have one pill container for My morphine and effexor(once a day) I have a second container for Morning and night that has my diabets pills in it(you could use this for a twice a day opoid) The third container I have 4 spaces for each day and I use this for my regular medicines that are not as dangerous to overdose on.I take a lot of pills,but when in extreme pain I lose all track of time.So,if it isn't in it's spot,I've already taken it. Linda
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