Medication Management?? HHHEEELLLPPP!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkstar, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. pinkstar

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    i need some major advice!!! i went to the drug store + bought one of those 7 day pill trackers... i take pills with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at bedtime... so i need one of the complicated ones... but the one i got is TOO SMALL... are there any kinds that are BIG to accomodate the horsey size herbal supplement type pills??? anyone know where i could buy one online or a good store or something? cause right now my kitchen table is consumed by 12 bottles of pills + a daily list that i refer to and make lil baggies with marker writings for the day... and well, yea... lol

  2. PepperGirl52

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    But I have seen the very large ones at Walgreens and Osco out here.

    They have them all the way up to a month's counting, and the pockets are HUGE! Well, at least large enough for large vitamins and supplements.

    Check it out online and see what you come up with by plugging in Walgreens or Osco Pharmacies. Good luck! PG
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    What I do is just to use two pill boxes up here in my office. Then I have another one for meds to take after dinner downstairs. I just add my vitamins to my pill box and the cinnamon capsules I just leave in the original container and take 2 before dinner.

    I can't take a lot of dietary supplements because they tear my stomach up.

  4. pamj

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    you can get them at many drugstores, but I got mine at the Vitamin Shoppe (they have a website too). I bought enough stackers to use for a week, but you could just get enough for a few days if you want. I use each separate compartment for breakfast, lunch, dinner & bedtime, etc... So basically you would need 4 containers for each day. You can screw on one container on top of another for as many as you need.

    I line them up once a week to fill them, that way I open each pill bottle only once a week... ie, drop the breakfast pills in each breakfast compartment, lunch pills in the next row, etc... and if I need to take something 3 times a day, it's easy to just drop them all in.

    When I'm done filling up for the week, I keep my bottles & daily stackers in a basket on top of the fridge (where I don't have to look at all of it). I just take out one stack per day & I'm all set. It's also easy to put in purse if you have to go out.

    It definitely works well if you have to take pills at different times throughout the day. I know I wouldn't be able to keep one day worth of pills in a baggie (there would be about 30) and I wouldn't know what to take with each meal. I also didn't like dealing with all the pill bottles each day & reading my doctor notes each day... too much too worry about on a daily basis.

    Good luck figuring it out. Hopefully you'll find a method that works well for you.

    take care, Pam

    ps. if you google pill stacker, you should see it on the top of the list... it's cheapest at the Vitamin Shoppe.
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