MEDICATIONAPHOBIA; new symptoms for alot of us

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    Medicationaphobia is my term and a new symptom for alot of us...alot of us are scared to take medication because of unwanted side affects and that they make us sicker sometimes...especially the new drugs.

    Someone posted a post about being afraid to take prescription drugs (I think GreatGran posted that particular post). I answered her post but I wanted to post this little tid-bit seperately to make the unawared now aware of something with prescription drugs and why Docs really push them sometimes, especially new drugs. so here goes:
    I cut and pasted this from my response in the other post:

    I use to work for an internist...I learned the SCARIEST thing;
    When a Drug Rep comes to the Docs office with a new drug he/she convinces that Doc of pushing the drug on his/her patients so he gets a monthy "KICK BACK". It depended on how many prescriptions he writes for it and how many are actually everytime Doc says to you "OH ITS A GREAT NEW DRUG, MINIMAL SIDE AFFECTS, ITS ACTUALLY A WONDERFUL DRUG THATS VERY PROMISSING, ETC" be very VERY wary because really its all just the "money game" and hes getting kick back from that drug company for giving you that drug. Even stupid little gifts and trips and free dinners for these Doctors. The more they write, the more the incentive it winning prizes for pushing drugs....
    so BE CAREFUL out there. Its a crappy world in the medical field with this drug pushing. Theres no sympathy, no empathy and most of the time its NOT about the patient and making them well...its about "WHATS IN IT FOR ME IF I DO THIS FOR YOU".

    SCARY STUFF GUYS! I dont trust ANYONE anymore.! Working on the inside has certainly opened my eyes.

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  2. NyroFan

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    I was in a treatment room waiting for the doctor when I heard through the wall and realized he was talking to two sales reps from a drug company.

    They chatted for a while and they asked the doc to start prescribing a new drug.

    He said he would: because he had stock in that company.

    Yes, scary stuff.

  3. barbinindiana

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    Thank you for this post. I know it's true. I don't and never have worked in the medical field, but you only have to look at the world in general to know that it's ALWAYS about the money.

    If you look at all the money that been poured into research to find cures for different diseases, you would think they would be able to come up with a cure for something wouldn't you? But no, and they never will, because a cure is not going to make anyone as much money as keeping people sick and then prescribing drugs for them every month to treat thier symptoms, and cutting them open to cut the disease out.

    If they came up with cures for all the chronic diseases, where would that put the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and all the top dogs that make money of sick people. And the powerful people of the world really don't care about the little people that make a living making the drugs in factories, or working in hospitals, doctors offices, etc. It's all about the money the rich are making.

    It's the same with everything. Take crime. Look at all the money created because of crime. Look at the the new private prisons being built and the almost free labor they have incarcerated. Work that could be done by others that would demand liviable wages. Look at all our jobs that have gone to countries where the big money people can make even more money by paying slave wages.

    The story just goes on and on. It's all so sad but true, and we need to really think about every drug we decide to take. It's not made to really help us. It's made to make money for the rich.

    I take only what is really making my life with this DD easier, but I stay aware of all the side affects and dangers so that I don't take what I can get by without.

    I know everyone here probably gets it too. It's just that I wish everyone in this world cared about others the way most of us do. We would probably have alot less crime, cures for horrible illnesses, good jobs with good wages for all, and the list goes on and on.

    Thanks for listening to my rant.

    Love to all the good people of the world!


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  4. Butterfly_of_grace

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    My husband has Epilepsy...the highly recommended Doc that is over an hour away that we ended up seeing here in NJ (Epileptologist) ended up treating him like a number, not a person and was trying to get him hooked up with the experimental drug therapy that was going on for two newer seizure drugs; one of which can cause a deadly internal and external rash that once you get you can die very easily from. He didnt care that he was a father of 4 with a wife and debt to pay...he didnt care that he HAD to work for a living...all he cared about was signing him up for the program so HE could collect his money for the research using MY HUBBY as one of his guinea pigs. Another nurse walked in and expplained all the "BENEFITS" if he signed up; free medicine, free therapy, free MRIs and free EEGs free stays in the hspital and free doctors visits...KNOWING we lived an hour away, KNOWING if he did have an emergency with the "surprise" drug he was on (sealed envelope)and if the nurse didnt get a paged from us if it was an emergency situation then no ER in our area would or could possibly know which drug he was on and what the reaction was,therefor he was at HIGH RISK of dying...even the nurse was open about this but STILL pushed him to be aprt of the study... she AND the Doc STILL pushed for him to be the laboratory mouse...again, they didnt give a was all about the money they would make off my husband being a lab rat.

    We had to laugh after we left. We said we would NEVER go back to this Doctor who was so "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IN NJ...ONE OF NJs TOP SEIZURE SPECIALISTS" the way we both were treated and how our concerns meant NOTHING to this Doctor. My husbands seizure disorder is from an auto accident when he was 18 yrs old ...due to an open ended medical expense law suit his medical problems from ANYTHING CAUSED BY THE ACCIDENT inclusing this seizure disorder that manifested itself 15+ yrs later is ALL COVERED FOR LIFE; his meds, his hospital stays, Doc visits, tests, EVERYTHING. So this idiot who tried to convince us to take his life at hand for that sake of the damn Doc collected money from the research was not necessary for us.

    Goes to show you, there really arent many worthwhile Docs out there. After going thru 4 Doctors we found a great Eplieptologist in our area who is sweet, and wonderful and addresses every concern of ours and takes the time with us at his visits...even if the visit takes him an hour. We love him.

    Again SCARY DARN WORLD IN THE MEDICAL PRFESSION...its all about the money
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  5. greatgran

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    Thanks for your post..

    I too, worked in a medical office and you are 100% correct, especially with the new doctors...They are very uneducated about medicine..

    While working, I remember when xanax was first introduced to the market in the early 80's but you know why the SSRI's are the ones the docs prescribe...Its all about MONEY...In fact one of the PA's told me so..I was asking him about xanax and he said it was a good drug and he did prescibe it over SSRI's for anxiety and panic.if the doctors let him..

    We are doomed if we do and doomed if we don't...

    God Bless,

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