Medications for CFS

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    Quick History: 2 tours Vietnam USMC sniper (near death experience), 30 years cardiac pacemaker business emergency on call 24/7, !5 hospital admits. acute depression, 100% disability in 1998, have BA degree in psyc.
    Current DX: Bipolar II disorder, PTSD, and most recently CFS
    Current Meds: Nuvigil 250mgx2 per day, klonopin 1mg x 2 per day, lamotrigine 100mg x 2 per day, Prozac 20mg. x 1 per day, and Restiril 30mg. x 1 at bed time.
    At this point I sleep 13 hours per night, have a five hour window where I can function to some degree of normal (due to Nuvigil), have a constant heavy fatigue. Discontinuing the meds. mentioned has resulted in near fetal result. I just can't regain my alertness, my memory is gone and concentration is very difficult. After nearly 40 years of all types of psychiatric treatment (including ECT) all I want to do is be able to stay awake through the day.
    All comments welcome!!
    Thank you