Medications for UK sufferers---Help wanted.

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    Im angry with my doctor right now - all she can ever say to me is that I must exercise and swim - seems she thinks this is all I need to do to be "cured". However Im constantly trying new meds - Im currently taking Cipralex(for about 5 weeks now) and Solpadol(started this today).
    Im just curious as to what any of you have tried or are currently taking. Im in a lot of pain - and I had a baby 12 weeks ago, making me a bit more down than usual,and a lot more sore than usual too. Ive decided Im going to go to my doctor with a list of things to try - otherwise this will go on forever. thanks for your help.
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    Hi arlene,
    Well i have Cfs,Fms,Crohns disease,asthma & multiple allergies & have for the past 7 years now.
    When first dx i took various different cocktails of drugs but was so out of it it was awful.
    Now 7 years on i take Effexor anti-depressants & Co-dydramol pain killers & both work for me.
    I also take mult-vits with iron coz im prone to anemia & theyve really helped buck me up.
    After 7years of being told to "Go home & cope",or "Its not going to get any better".etc.etc.
    I now take each day as it comes & stay positive because otherwise these DD"s would think they beat me,NO CHANCE OF THAT!
    Its great to meet you & a massive WELCOME as i havent seen you post before,hope we can mail again soon & i look forward to getting to know you more arlene.
    God bless you
    sharon d(uk)
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    Although there have been some exciting changes of attutude and funding from the top it's going to take time to filter down. So many docs are still basing their treatments on those that were pushed so hard over the last 20 years; ie cognitive behaviour therapy, graded activity programmes, and anti depressants. Magnesium and evening primrose oil were mentioned but in a non committal way.

    With limited resources being already overstretched in the NHS, and so few CFS specialists it can be very hard to get symtomatic relief on the NHS.

    Most of us resort to private doctors and then try to persuade aour GPs to prescribe what is allowed on the NHS.
    Having just had a baby you are sure to feel worse, please make sure you get plenty of help, support and rest periods.

    Use this board to help you decide what you want to persue, a lot can be achieved by self help. Once you know what you need more orthodox help with test it out on your GP. You may have to find another GP who's more willing to be open minded. I suggest you try UK based sites for doctor recommendations. Regional groups often have lists of good GPs and specialists.

    In the meantime loads of water and sea salt, especially now it's turned hotter and humid.

    Good luck


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    thanks for your replies, its been a great help.