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  1. kittycamcj

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    hi everyone, i deal with fibro, and cfs, and arthritis.
    i also deal with depression and anxiety. just very bad aches and pains. does anyone take xanax, oxycontin, lexapro, trazadone and sometimes i take 800 mg. motrin. i would appreciate hearing how people cope with there medications.
  2. fungirl2100

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    Motrin is garbage!! That is for small aches & Pains. I am on a normal med regiment. Trazadone is an antidpressant used sometime for sleep. Made me crazy, since I am not depressed & for whatever reason my body went haywire I am still dealing with the side effects after being taken off it on 1-25 after only being on it for 3 weeks...

    You need to discuss with a pain management doctor something that will work for you. I also have RLS & have meds for that & my muscle spasms.

    Good luck

    your friend,